Sponsors & Partners

Sponsors & Partners

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Blockchain Development Company, or BCDC for short, is a blockchain startup focusing on solving global environmental problems. They are working on several dApps, such as RecycleToCoin for plastic container recycling, EcoChain for renewable energies, and FoodTrax for food tracking. BCDC is planning to raise funding with a token sale in September 2017. 


Aeternity is a new blockchain platform with a mission to decentralize organizations and empower individuals. Aeternity aims to solve issues around privacy, scalability and transaction speed in the blockchain space. They raised a total of $70 Million dollars in cryptocurrency during two phases of their contribution campaign in 2017.


Neurohacker Collective is a company with a mission to radically enhance human potential and wellbeing, individually and collectively. They want to build a global alliance of responsible and empowered individuals and groups to bring this vision into reality. Neurohacker’s first smart drug Qualia is available now.

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