We’re starting a decentralized initiative to host monthly Future Thinkers meetups!

Meet other people who are interested in the evolution of technology, society, and consciousness and want to be part of something bigger.

Meetups happen on the 3rd Thursday of every month. They are free and organized by volunteer members of our community.

Look for a Future Thinkers meetup in your city (check Meetup.com and Facebook). If you don’t find one, apply here to host one yourself.


Future Thinkers Berlin

Future Thinkers meetup in Berlin


Hosted by Elisabeth Busquets


Future Thinkers Plovdiv

Future Thinkers meetup in Plovdiv

Mike Euvie profile together 2

Hosted by Mike Gilliland & Euvie Ivanova


Got a question / comment / suggestion? Email us!


Our mission is to evolve technology, society, and consciousness so that we can all be better adapted to the future.

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