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Our mission is to explore, understand, and develop technology, society, and consciousness so that we can all be better adapted to the future. The mission manifests in the Future Thinkers podcast, our videos, mobile apps, and everything else that we do.

We’re building Future Thinkers into a global media brand and you can be a part of this movement. Our sponsors enable us to continue to expand our reach, create more content, and inspire more people.

What Kinds of Sponsors We Consider

We get emails every week from our listeners asking how they can help build a better future for humankind, what industries they should get involved in to have impact, and where they should live or travel to be part of an inspiring community. We only consider sponsors who are positioned to be the answer to one or more of those questions.

We want to expose you to our growing and passionate young audience of futurists, technologists, investors, entrepreneurs, and people who want to come together to change the world. These are the type of people we attract at Future Thinkers.

Our Unfair Advantages

Established media platform – gives us the reach to connect with hundreds of thousands of people and attract startups, community support, and global interest. Our total reach across networks is 500k people.

Global thought leaders – We’ve been interviewed and featured in dozens of global publications like BBC and Forbes, as well as books, media events, magazines, podcasts, and video channels all over the world.

Broad Range – we have an established reputation in future technology, blockchain, startup, and entrepreneurship communities.

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Our mission is to evolve technology, society, and consciousness so that we can all be better adapted to the future.

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