In Search of Transcendence

This video is part of our series called Deep Breath.

In Search of Transcendence

Do you ever wonder why we’re here? Where we’re going? Look up at the stars or dig into the dirt and wonder where we fit?

Ever wonder about the person in the mirror? Who are you really? Behind the eyes, beneath the skin.

For thousands of years, people have sought answers to these questions through transcendent states of consciousness. Numerous esoteric spiritual traditions around the world have developed meditation techniques to gain a deeper understanding of the nature of reality.

Meditative states have contributed to discoveries and insights for thousands of sages, scientists, philosophers, and visionaries throughout the ages.

Ancient masters described intense transcendent states that result from meditation. A true awakening, transformation of consciousness, oneness with the ALL. Many esoterics have glimpsed these levels of consciousness, and for a few it became a persistent state – enlightenment.

In the modern age, meditation is no longer the domain of monks alone. It has made its way into everyday life for many people, and for a good reason.

Science has show many benefits of meditation on health and happiness, self-control, attention, and productivity.

We are beginning to understand that health and illness are not just in the body. That there is an underlying energy connecting all of us. And that consciousness may exist outside of physical reality. Science is finding more and more evidence of this in medicine, neurology, and quantum physics. 

These are still cutting edge ideas, but they are beginning to make their way into the general population.

So why is it that some people don’t believe that there is more to reality that what their eyes can see? That a transformation of consciousness is available to everyone? 

For many people, it seems that it’s because they have never experienced anything that would even hint at this. Or even if they have had a transcendent experience, they have trouble explaining it and integrating it into their daily life. It doesn’t fit into the view of the world that has been passed down to them since their childhood.

And this is where the stumbling block for many people is.

We let ourselves be led by the unenlightened, controlled by the greedy, and manipulated by the power-hungry.

And so we live our lives without ever reaching our greatest potential, always feeling that deep down something is missing.

And this is why,

It is more important than ever to look within. To reach for a deeper understanding.

To lift the veil from our eyes. To open ourselves up to the insights that come from reaching transcendent states of consciousness through meditation.

To find out what’s holding you back from reaching deeper states of consciousness in meditation, go to and take the quiz.



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