NOTE: This Retreat is ON HOLD until further notice

Many of us spend years practicing personal evolution to better adapt to the world we’re living in. Yet at a certain point it becomes clear that we all need a supportive community of practitioners to share experiences with, support each other, and co-create projects that build the future. If this sounds like you, keep reading.

In September 2020, we will come together at a remote location in Peru and dive into deep individual and group work to upgrade ourselves in a meaningful way. We have designed an event that will open a space for a profound transformation to take place in a supportive communal setting.

The retreat will offer practical workshops in sovereignty, shadow work, re-connection with inner & outer nature, collective consciousness, plant medicine ceremonies, and other key transformation practices.

This event is also a unique opportunity to work with shamanic facilitator Don Roberto, who will share the Amazonian plant spirit healing tradition.

The aim of the retreat is to upgrade individuals so they may increase their capacity to show up in the world, participate in collective intelligence, and co-create with others.

An effective collective intelligence requires that each cell in its network is sovereign and responsible for its own wellbeing. It’s important to focus on individual practice before participating in collective intelligence. This is why we have developed deep courses in Sovereignty and Shadow Work, which we offer through Future Thinkers Membership. We highly recommend that retreat attendees complete both courses before attending the retreat (although this is not mandatory).

The Facilitators


Don Roberto

“At its heart, shamanic healing is really about the healing of the spirit. With love and patience and a little know-how, the spirit can be brought back into a place of balance, wholeness and well-being. It is a great honour to be able to share the benefits and wisdom of this tradition with those who are ready and able to receive it and incorporate the healing and teachings into their own lives.” – Personal statement

Originally from London, Don Roberto is a Medical Anthropologist and Shamanic Facilitator.

As a Medical Anthropologist, I have undertaken fieldwork in Tanzania on behalf of the London School of Tropical Medicine & Hygiene as part of an ongoing World Health Organisation (W.H.O.) project to prevent the spread of Trachoma, an eye disease endemic to the region. In 2008 my research interests changed when I encountered the tradition of Amazonian Shamanism in the form of plant spirit teachers, a form of healing unknown to me at the time. I began to research this tradition with great intensity studyins training in the Amazon with the Ayahuasca Foundation and Don Enrique Lopez in the Mestizo tradition of Don Solon Tello via Maria Christina Mendoza, as well as studying the Shipibo tribal tradition with Doña Herlinda Agustín (the subject of the documentary, Woven Songs of the Amazon) in Pucallpa, Peru.

My studies continued and I spent three months’ of continuous studies in Iquitos, Peru, deepening my knowledge of the Shipibo tradition. In 2013 I further deepened my experience of the Shipibo medicinal tradition with another three month stay in Peru, where I extended my shamanic studies with master shaman, Don Antonio Vasquez, and in 2015 completed a three month intensive training with noted healers, Herbert Quinteros, Metsa Oka, Don Walter and Don Diomar Silvano. I now return to the Amazon every year to undergo further training and communion with the Master Plant teachers.

In 2014 I was featured in the documentary filmed in the Amazon called Mirror of the Spirit directed by visual anthropologist, Joao Meirinhos, which examined indigenous medical practitioners and western commentators, which was screened at various conferences and festivals, and have also been interviewed about my experiences as a facilitator for a podcast and German broadsheet newspaper, Berliner Zeitung.

My work has expanded rapidly over the past three years as people hungry for information about Plant Spirit Medicine seek out opportunities to learn and experience the tradition.

I am in demand as a knowledgeable presenter as well as a shamanic practitioner, specialising in private Soul Retrieval sessions and Healing Cacao ceremonies.

I have given presentations and workshops on shamanism and the Amazonian healing tradition, celebrating the power and wisdom of the Medicine in locations as varied as Asia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and South Africa, I also hold healing ceremonies around the world, nurturing and building communities, and also lead yearly summer retreats in Andalucia, Spain and organise winter retreats in Peru with my own mentors.

I have also undertaken training in Core Shamanism – drum based shamanism with Howard Charing and have been involved in advanced training with the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, focusing on negative energy extraction, soul retrieval and shamanic dreamwork.

Personal Statement:

“For me, the Amazonian tradition represents a powerful and effective approach to healing, working with aspects of medicinal plants hitherto overlooked in the Western bio-medical tradition, and which could serve as an important adjunct to all those interested in the healing arts and in personal development. At its heart, shamanic healing is really about the healing of the spirit. With love and patience and a little know-how, the spirit can be brought back into a place of balance, wholeness and wellbeing. It is a great honour to be able to share the benefits and wisdom of this tradition with those who are ready and able to receive it and incorporate the healing and teachings into their own lives.”


Previous Amazonian Medicine ceremonies

That was another awesome weekend! Thanks again for the songs and holding the space. It was a pretty powerful one for me personally. I am beginning to see the world through new eyes…again. – Ciaran

Thanks once again – It was a life changing experience: very profound and very healing – a huge, positive change in my overall outlook and mindset. – Stephanie

My experience at the ceremony was very powerful, meaningful and life-changing. – Eddie

I bow to you in gratitude for your healing and teachings! . Blessed to share in your knowledge , – Sierra

A special thank you to my teacher, Don Roberto, and of course the plant spirit medicine that graced me with such powerful ancient knowledge. All and all, the entire weekend was quite possible the most meaningful weekend of my life. – Neil.

Thank you for your beautiful presence during the ceremonies. Wow – crazy good! – Helene

The time spent with you is always special. I am sooo thankful I met you and was introduced to the work you do. Many much (sic) love. Tanya.

Thank you for your generosity and the gifts you shared with me and my community! I am eternally grateful. – Ashley.

What a beautiful weekend with beautiful people. Thank you so much everyone for sharing your love and light. Bless. – Josie

Thank you! I’ve been meaning to tell you for ages the massive life changes that happened after our journey. All good, and I am immensely grateful. – William,

“This past weekend was incredible. I really appreciate the work and sacrifice you put in to provide people this opportunity to experience the Greater Mystery.” – Sarah

Thank you for the beautiful and significant weekend. It was above everything I could ever imagine. – Eddie.

Thanks for the amazing weekend – Sean.

Thanks for your help and me and my wife are so grateful about your wonderful ceremony. – Noam

The Medicine is both wise and healing. Insights into spiritual dimensions and healing on physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions could help mankind become cleaner on all its levels.- George

Throughout my experience something was telling me to just let go… Some part of me was telling me that I needed to just let go – to remember the lessons of your pain. And then let it all go. – Tim

I really believe I will be in doing the Medicine for life, and I really thank you for giving me such a caring and wonderful introduction to this. – Emily

I am much more at ease and… I seem happier and more confident. I know that I have changed in some ways. There is no question that I am much more at ease in my own skin and with the world. I am so very grateful for your facilitation. – Josh

Thank you so much for an awesome, inspirational experience, I can’t wait for my next opportunity. – Neil,

These ceremonies have offered insight about myself, my connection to the universe and some very basic (yet, mind-altering) concepts that allow me to better navigate through a reality. The Medicine introduced visual aids that helped me better understand quantum physics, leaving me with a deeper understanding of what it means to be a part of the whole. I saw the most beautiful images, celebrating the way I express my true animal and I felt like the plant presented what it saw in me. She made me dance, laugh, cry and hug. It has given me answers I will never forget. – Phoebe,

I have been having some great moments and ever deeper insights since the ceremony. Especially when I’m out walking in the forest near our house. Sometimes, so clear and simple and other times, layered, complex and difficult to grasp. Always inspirational. Thank you so much for an awesome experience, I can’t wait for my next opportunity. – Neil

It is has been a pleasure to have you there working your magic, so special it cannot be fully explained how good that it was. It was truly reality changing. – Kyle

This has been a great weekend, Robert. I’m very glad I made it out.- Joy

Thank you again for a magical ceremony.I look forward to sharing sacred space again. – Ali

The experience has been incredibly invaluable, a powerful catalyst. Thank you again for the work that you do! I am eternally grateful to you for helping me open the door… Christian

Thanks for the love and for shining so brightly – Kristina

Thank you for doing the amazing work that you do! I feel like I have gained a lot of confidence and let go of a lot of doubt. I’m excited to explore the gifts that have been revealed to me . I definitely plan to keep on working with these teachings – Emily

An awesome introduction to a world very different in perception to ours – Paul

An exceptionally moving and powerful experience that has opened my heart and grounded me back in the physical. Don Roberto’s expertise, support and guidance, both before and during the ceremony, was both outstanding and humbling. And he has such a wonderful voice, that listening to his singing was a total pleasure. – Shelly.

I cannot express my gratitude enough to you for leading me into my life transformation. – Isao.

This was my first ceremony, and it was by far the most intense experience of my life. It was a mix of the most intense fear I’ve ever felt, and the almost unbearable amount of unconditional love. Don Roberto’s singing of Icaros was out of this world beautiful and has guided me in the most difficult moments. Ever since then I’ve experienced many profound shifts, so much so that I am not the same person anymore.

I have no more interest in spending my time with people with whom I don’t resonate, and my loving relationships have become deeper and more intimate. I have been working on some limiting beliefs and I feel that because of the medicine in my body the work is so much easier and I’m getting quick results.
It’s not for the fainthearted, and I now think it’s crucial to do it with someone one can trust. I feel so fortunate and lucky to have done it with Don Roberto. With all my love and gratitude – Dejana

My wish was to let go the past. In general, including some people who were sitting on my head etc. During the ritual, I was pretty lucid, joyful. Your voice is so beautiful, thanks for singing and sharing. The day after the ritual I felt a complete calmness and peace. And it’s still somehow here, in this present moment. Letting go was one of the hardest jobs in my life. Thank you for facilitating with such love and openness. You’re such a warm heart! – Maria

Cacao Ceremony Testimonials

Testimonial # 1

The cacao ceremony was simply divine. From the preparation rituals, to us finally getting to drink the thick, rich elixir in two phases which produced a deep sense of relaxation and peace in my body. This was followed by individual attention from Robert ~ working his magic through sound instruments ~ causing energy to flow in waves throughout my body as I entered into a deep state of bliss – a beautiful sweet end to a spiritual weekend.

Muriel Siddle, South Africa

Testimonial # 2


Chantell Van Outeniqua, South Africa

Testimonial # 3

For the last few years i’ve been reading a lot about the natural healing qualities of raw cacao but because of my sweet tooth, I was initially put off by the bitter taste the first time i tried it. It was only much later thanks to Don Roberto that my whole idea about cacao changed, and my experience with him guiding the Cacao ceremony brought new levels of meaning to my life and transformation.

I met Robert when he came to South Africa to hold healing retreats in Feb 2017. In the Cacao ceremony we were invited to drink the Cacao in 2 stages with about 20 min in between. After only a few minutes into the first part I could feel my heart chakra opening up,and I became aware of the expansiveness of my entire being. In that moment I experienced intense love, bliss and inner stillness – and in a way i’ve never done before. It was only then that I realised how disconnected I had been from my body.

I can only describe it as the deepest experience of my core self or essence that I have ever had.

I realised also that for a long time in my life I have felt like I had “lost” my true self, a self of original innocence…And then came the communion that joined all in unity and wholeness. I drank the last part and closed my eyes again. Robert came over and did sound healing work using the Tibetan singing bowls on my body. The effect of the vibration shifted things within me in ways I can not explain. I found myself crying at the realisations that came up for me. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere, I started laughing – so much so that the tears were running down my cheeks. There was a deep connection with the playfulness and joy of my inner child…as I remember of my childhood days.

Cacao…what an amazing experience. A journey i will alway recommend if asked. Namasté Robert.

Doreen Krause, South Africa

Testimonial # 4

I’ve taken raw Cacao in ceremonial space before and had quite a good idea how subtle yet powerful the experience can be, but the concoction that Don Roberto brewed was a truly powerful shamanic elixir.

My heart beat fast like as if I had been walking at a brisk pace. I could feel the Cacao pulsing through my veins. Although I felt very relaxed and settled into a deep meditative state, there was lots of energetic activity across my whole body. My legs started quivering as Don Roberto began his sound healing and my body started resonating deeply with the tones of the Tibetan singing bowls being played.

The energy in my legs moved upwards towards my stomach and chest rounding up into my shoulders gently shaking my whole torso and later my head. Then it went into my arms and my hands flapped around like a fish on dry land. Wave after wave went through my body and I could feel it working on certain parts, releasing and refocusing on other areas. At times my whole body was shaking uncontrollably.

This must have released a lot of pent up trauma and stress that was sitting in my bones. In the days and weeks after I felt lighter and more focused, and I managed to completely let go of an old habit to attach myself to negative emotions and feelings.

As I sat down now to write this I stumbled onto this following quote and I feel it resonates very well with my experience:

“Come.. Come closer.. And drink.. Take it slow, but take it..

Drink the jungle.. Close your eyes, breathe deeply and listen.. Hear the leaves rustling in the wind. Birds of paradise welcome you with their song. Distant drum beats are coming closer and closer.. Sacred healing chants echo all around you and inner visions starting to appear.

You awaken from the slumber that was your life. Universal energies are flowing through your body. You feel the sensation of love and oneness embracing your soul.

You are home. You are one”

– Unknown

Olof Bergh, South Africa

Testimonial # 5

Cacao is a medicine that I have learned to love deeply.

I first encountered Cacao six months prior with another practitioner, and my experience with Don Roberto is a deepening of the work already started previously.

His recipe was beautifully prepared as a drink, and all its ingredients were meticulously explained as to their properties and why they were included. We took the medicine in two stages – this allowed us to gently connect with Cacao as a medicine and the deepening experience as it slowly unfolded within us.

This Cacao ceremony was a final ceremony closing five days of plant dieta and powerful healing ceremonies with other plant medicines, allowing us to integrate and fully embody the work already undertaken.

I felt it was the perfect medicine to bring all the prior experiences into a culmination and embodied whole. My personal healing journey during this time had been very challenging, as it needed to be, and I once again credit Don Roberto for making the space such that I was able to feel free to really let go to do the work that I needed to do. I must also mention at this point his own singing and beautiful music, which touches the perfect chords of sentiment and feeling to hold one in healing space.

During the five-day diet process, I had faced old fears which I have not yet had the opportunity to do until this point. And I had been rewarded by the blessings of insight and sharing and togetherness of the group which were all working together.

During my Cacao ceremony I again had the feeling that I could not handle the depth of what I was being asked to feel, and at one point I actually left the ceremony space and started to pack my car in preparation to leave, while the rest of the group were still in ceremony. Then I became aware that if I did leave I would simply be perpetuating my old pattern of avoiding myself and remaining in fear of what needed to come up and be given the light of the loving space in which I knew I was held in the circle. So I returned, and having reached that tipping point, I was then free to enter into the cathartic expression of my tears and grieving for many years of suffering I have endured, and was so deeply touched by the beautiful held space in which the ceremony was happening that I received a healing that I had long since despaired I would ever find.

I am deeply honoured and grateful to have experienced the finesse, empathy, grace and experience of Don Roberto, a shaman who is open to weaving energies of the people he works with, and does not seek to impose himself and his way on participants.

I would recommend his services if you feel called to work with plant medicines.

Geoffrey Tracey, South Africa

Testimonial # 6

My name is Lauren Amy Hofmeyr, I am a Cacao server and a Sangoma, a traditional Zulu medicine woman.

I have been working with and serving Cacao in Ceremony since 2014 in Southern Africa. I have formed a deep relationship with this medicine, which has and still is changing my life.

Last year, before meeting Don Roberto in person, he opened three plant dietas for me remotely – two with Cacao and one with Rose. It was through these experiences that I began to experience Don Roberto’s gentle, but very strong power to command space as a member of the Amazon healing lineages, his genuinely caring nature, curiosity to learn and grow, and his great sense of humour.

In February 2017 Don Roberto came to Cape Town, South Africa and I had the opportunity to drink Cacao in Ceremony with him. This was a magnificent, powerful experience for me! It was a great gift to be served and held by another facilitator – this one a Maestro of the medicine of the Jungle.

Don Roberto served Cacao in such a way as to give the Teacher Plant herself space to directly teach without distraction. Don Roberto’s knowledge of, experience with, and command of the sacred healing songs, the icaros, plays a big part in his weave, the Jungle sings with him in song and in silence, and this was clearly felt by me.

During the ceremony, I experienced a wonderful fine-tuning of the ‘body maintenance’ abilities/techniques that Cacao and my guides have been teaching me over time, and experienced a clear visual journey which brought to me guidance and confirmations for my path ahead, and had me smiling ear to ear, and crying tears of joy.

Don Roberto opens Sacred Space formally and holds a very strong, safe and sacred container for the work until the space is closed at the end. He is a kind, down-to-earth man who is an excellent ‘listener’: he speaks the truth in the moment, and when there is no palpable ‘need’ to speak, carries with him a deep silence.

To be served by Don Roberto is a blessing. I am grateful!

I bow with deep respect to you Don Roberto, Jungle Maestro

Thank you!

Gogo MM Lah-Hallah, Shining Hearts Cacao, Cape Town, South Africa.

Testimonial # 7

The best day ever when we had a Cacao Ceremony with you, Don Roberto.

Jennifer DeLuca, South Africa

Testimonial # 8

Like many people I really wasn’t sure what to think when I first heard about the use of Cacao in ceremony.

Up until then I had experienced several Plant Spirit ceremonies, some of which were quite intense and profoundly life changing, so I relished the opportunity to explore another. What i found in the Cacao ceremony shared and guided by Robert was a gentle yet powerful heart-opening medicine with an abundance of teachings for all of us. Combined with meditation and the soft sounds of indigenous musical instruments, I experienced some difficult old emotions gently rising to the surface for validation and healing, and was able to connect with them in a much more loving way than I had ever been capable of in the past.

This really is life-changing stuff!

Cacao is a magical, compassionate and deeply restorative elixir, and with Robert holding sacred space, one that allows you to expand, break out of old paradigms and deepen your connection to your heart. I am deeply grateful for the experience and highly recommend it to anyone seeking expansion out of the old self.

Sam Pleitgen, Hong Kong, April 3rd, 2017

Testimonial # 9

For me it was a positive, affirming expression of connection to spirit that was inspirational and emotional – an awesome experience!

Mahalo noi lua.

Ben Harper – 23rd April, 2017

Testimonial # 10

I was touched by the sincerity, love and openness of the facilitators and the Cacao spirit carrying us towards what we needed in that sacred space.

So special.

I felt happy and light afterwards and throughout the next week felt a deeper working going on.

Marianne 27th, April 2017

Testimonial # 11

Today I was initiated into the spirit of Cacao. I received the gift of major Crown Chakra opening that lead to a deep communion with my grandmother (who passed away 34 years ago) and resulted in lots of healing for myself and my ancestral lineage.

My open-heart gratitude to the Divine Mother, Mama Cacao, all supporting spirits (especially humming birds!), and of course Robert and Leonie for their skillful facilitation.

Zoya Lu, April 22nd, 2017

Testimonial # 12

“I had no knowledge of what a Cacao Ceremony was or what kind of feelings l would experience until recently when I was initiated in one of the ceremonies facilitated by Robert Thé. I did not know what to expect and l was a little nervous, but l decided to trust the sacred plant of Cacao.

I closed my eyes, said my intentions and drank the medicine.

Shortly after drinking the thick Cacao medicine, l felt a warm rush of energy throughout my whole body, concentrating around my back and abdomen. It traveled through me opening closed areas with a strong sense of bathing my heart with energy and acceleration and tingling of my fingers. Then came the blessed moment of feeling so loved and caressed by the Cacao medicine: very relaxed, in a state of deep serene meditation. I surrendered with calmness and an empty mind, and just focused on being in the present – it felt so good.

The second half of the ceremony was extremely intense and physical for me, hard to describe because it was very powerful. There was so much electricity going through my body, opening my heart chakra and expanding my being. l felt the force of the whole process unblocking whatever was there, and by the time it was finished l was exhausted.

Roberto was very patient and kind with the healing work allowing me to calm down. Once again that state of serenity and peace returned to me with deep meditation and lightness.

Beautifully facilitated by Roberto and his assistant, Leonie, beautiful singing accompanied by caring, love and compassion.

The medicine was kind to me and is still even now showing me how to center myself. Gratitude to the universe, to all creations, to the sacred Cacao Plant for giving me such awesome moment and healing.
I will definitely do it again Thank you, Maestro Roberto. Namaste!”

Haydee Harford, Taichung, Taiwan, April 25, 2017

Weeklong retreats

From Maria.

The medicine takes you on a journey to the deepest level of your consciousness, and open to a truly multi-dimensional experience.

Don Roberto is the grounding factor in all of this: he encourages your discovery and holds space selflessly for each member of the group. At the same time he deeply respects where you are coming from without judgement or agenda.

His deep knowledge of the healing plants and a down-to-earth approach to shamanism makes him a valuable companion in your Medicine journey.

I highly recommend him as a shaman and hope to join a ceremony again soon.


From David

Amazonian plant medicine is an incredible journey that can be the scariest, the most beautiful and also the most insightful experience of your life.

Luckily Cortijo Vadillo caters for all of these emotions. The food was tasty and uplifting while sticking to the dieta and the company of the residents of the place could be described as the best I have had the pleasure of spending time with. On top of this the setting is absolutely beautiful, set deep in the Andalucian mountains of Spain, the stars at night reveal every constellation. The walk through the yurts is a fruit forest that leads to a very special Yurt O still dream about.

Due to the trans-dimensional nature of the medicine I had done a lot of research on the subject and a common trait of shamans is to be the mystical untouchable being at the front of the room. Don Roberto, the shamanic facilitator, at this retreat is more like a life-long friend ready to cradle you at your moment of fear, always available for counsel on your experiences and extremely generous with his shamanic tools, such as shamanic snuff and soul retrievals. His brew is really strong to begin with, It gave me an out-of-body experience, yet he will weaken or strengthen the brew for the individuals in the group separately depending on needs.

The experience as a whole was nothing short of magical and i will be attending again to see my new friends and to be reintroduced to the Mother. Thank You Don Roberto and the Cortijo Vadillo team for a life-changing experience.

See you soon!


From Peter

There are moments when you feel it in your bones that this is meant to be and there is a feeling of destiny in the air. I felt the same way in the months leading up to the retreat at Cortijo Vadillo. Being there made this feeling stronger, in a setting that respects and values the inner healing that we yearn for.
Journeying with a wonderful group and our Shaman Don Roberto; we became a family that shared our experiences, stories and feelings. Along with mother Aya and the wonderful work of our dear Shaman, we worked really hard and dug deep. There was immense cleansing and insight for us to reflect upon.

All of this was made special only because of the hard working and caring members of Cortijo Vadillo, who understand this beautiful tradition and provided us with some delicious, energy-filled food, clean and beautiful places to chill and sleep, lots of music instruments to explore and enjoy, as well as their valuable support with their kind words and presence.

I hope to journey there again soon in the midst of those quiet hills and beautiful Andalusian skies.


From Shilpa

I had a beautiful and deep healing experience.

Beautiful nature, intuitive and ever loving animals, fascinating and amazing people surrounded me, each and everyone blew my mind with their presence and it was a truly learning and humbling experience.

The plant medicine was a deep healing, challenging and insightful experience, and I could not have done it without the encouragement, love and warmth from Don Roberto and the people I met at Cortijo, who made this happen and being so supportive.

Thank you especially to Don Roberto for being a pillar of strength and patience. You have changed and are changing my life for the better with the beautiful work that you do.

No amount of gratitude will suffice this, I love you dearly.

You will always stay in my heart and I look forward to the day we meet again.


Euvie Ivanova 3b

Euvie Ivanova

Euvie studied psychology at the University of British Columbia, with an interest in the unconscious and deep human nature. She has been practicing personal transformation for over 15 years, dedicating thousands of hours to contemplative practices with a focus on understanding the nature of reality. She is experienced in a number of healing, meditative, and psychological modalities.

Growing up in Russia, and having lived with different cultures during her travels, she has learned many diverse ways of looking at the world.

As a co-creator of Future Thinkers, for the last 6 years she has been speaking with prominent philosophers about the future, and facilitating courses and workshops in Personal Evolution, Sovereignty, Shadow Work, and Sense-Making. Her study of wisdom traditions and psycho-technologies, both ancient and modern, profoundly informs her thinking on the evolution and future of humanity.

C360_2019-01-25-21-51-11-793 (1)

Mike Gilliland

Mike is an entrepreneur, multimedia designer, and systems thinker. He has over 15 years of personal transformation practice with a focus on deep identity deconstruction and resilience.

After leaving Vancouver in 2012, he became a digital nomad and lived in many different countries around the world. During this time he studied and participated in individual and group practices centered around personal development.

He is the co-creator of Future Thinkers, where for the last 6 years he has been speaking with prominent thinkers about the future of humanity, and facilitating courses and workshops in Personal Evolution, Sovereignty, Shadow Work, and Sense-Making. Mike uses his insights and experience on resilience, stoicism, and technology to create sensemaking around the big picture of society and human evolution.

Dates & Costs

  • Dates:
    • Option 1: September 14-20, 2020
    • Option 2: September 21-29, 2020
    • (Tell us your preference in application form)
  • Location: 
    • Near Pucallpa, Peru
  • Pricing:
    • Regular: $2200 USD
    • Early Bird: $2000 USD, if booked before April 30th
    • Members Special: $1800, if booked before February 29th
  • Deposit: $500 USD (Non-refundable)
  • Payment plans are available upon request
  • Retreat is limited to 16 participants

What's Included

  • What’s Included:
    • Three Ayahuasca ceremonies
    • Workshops in Sovereignty and Shadow Work
    • Cacao ritual ceremony
    • Sharing & discussion circles
    • Yoga & meditation practice
    • Art-making sessions
    • Time for solitude and integration
    • Nature walks
    • Meals (chicken, fish, or vegetarian / vegan options available)
    • Accommodation in comfortable bungalows
    • Local transport from Pucallpa city to the retreat center and back
    • And much more!
  • Optional & Extra charge:
    • Integration group calls for 8 weeks after the retreat
    • Individual coaching before and after retreat available
  • Not included:
    • Flights

Sovereignty & Shadow Work


Ayahuasca Ceremonies


Cacao Ritual Ceremonies


Meditation & Yoga

The Venue

Nestled in the Peruvian Amazon, the retreat center is set in beautiful natural surroundings far from the city, its noise and bustle. The jungle camp is blessed with a mild micro-climate with a good balance between cool, overcast days with occasional gentle rain, and warm, sunny days. You will be surrounded by a forest, numerous fruit trees and deep restorative quiet.

Spend time in deep nature being nurtured by its medicine. Take walks along cleared pathways; explore and observe the richness of the nature surrounding you; allow it to transform and heal you. Listen to the soundscape of the forest around you during different times of the day; various bird songs as dawn breaks, the whoop of tiny monkeys in the treetops, the flutter of a hummingbird’s wings as it flies past your window, the soft whirring of a dragonfly as it alights on a nearby branch, the haunting cry of a raptor high in the sky, the buzzing of cicadas at dusk, finally followed by a frog chorus as night descends.

Each participant will have ample opportunity for rest, reflection, integration and meditation. The ceremonial space is beautifully designed and has modern toilets and showers nearby. Meals are provided at set times and can be consumed in the communal dining area.

Booking Your Place

Places are limited and demand is expected to be high: please don’t delay!

  1. If you are interested in attending the retreat, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.
  2. The form includes 3 sections: Retreat Application, Health Screening form, and Consent & Release. All sections are mandatory. This form will be used to determine if you are medically suitable to attend the retreat and understand what is involved. This ensures your safety and well-being.
  3. Once your health form has been accepted, you will be asked to send a deposit of $500 USD via PayPal or crypto currency to secure your spot. This deposit is non-refundable. The
    remainder is to be sent no later than 1 month prior to the retreat date.
  4. After receiving your deposit, you will be sent confirmation of your place as well as a preparatory guide to the retreat so you will know what to expect and what to bring.
  5. If you have indicated interest in any optional events, you will be sent PayPal links and deadlines for those.

Travel Suggestions

Once your spot is confirmed and you have paid the deposit, we suggest you look into flight availability to Pucallpa City in Peru as soon as possible to secure the best prices and timings.

Pucallpa city pick up and departure to the retreat center – approx. a 45 min journey.

Suggestion: it might be a good idea to arrive the day before (Sep 13th) and book an AiBnB for one night so that you are well rested from flying.

Because it takes approx. 45 min to get to Pucallpa from the retreat center, and we depart early on the morning of Sep 20th, it might be a good idea to book an afternoon flight out from Pucallpa to your next destination, so that you have ample time to get to the airport and check-in.


$2000 USD until the April 30th, $2200 thereafter.

Yes, they are. Once you get to the retreat, everything is provided for the duration of your stay.

Pucallpa is the main airport. You will purchase your own flights and once you reach Pucallpa, we provide chartered transportation to and from the retreat location.

There will be 16 individual participants.

After you submit a deposit for the retreat, it will be refundable for one week. After that, it will become non-refundable. If something unforeseen arises and you can’t attend, contact us at [email protected], and we will work with you to find a solution.

There are certain medical conditions and medications that are contra-indicated with Ayahuasca. Please see the health form by clicking “Apply” for detailed information.

Yes. If you are a Basic of Premium Member at, please indicate this in the application form, and we will send you the Members Only offer if it is still available.

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