FTP019: Vinay Gupta – Hakuna Matata, Space Pharaoh! Quantum Mechanics, Space Exploration, and Enlightenment

In this second half of our conversation with Vinay Gupta, we get into exploring some out-there ideas, including space exploration and enlightenment. We start off talking about consumerism, and how many aspects of Western culture are still based around old Christian ideas. We also discuss quantum mechanics, probability, and how those concepts may fit into evolution, or even drive it.

Space Exploration and Elon Musk

Elon Musk and his space exploration ambitions make it into the conversation, and we talk about the existential threat of developing artificial intelligence and nanotechnology on our planet as opposed to doing it on an off-planet space base on Mars or elsewhere.

Finally, we get into the intersection of spirituality and science, and talk about Vinay’s own path to enlightenment.

To check out Part 1 of our Vinay Gupta conversation, go here.

In this episode of The Future Thinkers Podcast:

  • How consumerism and capitalism are informed by religion
  • Going outward (space exploration) vs. Going inward (meditation / virtual reality)
  • Elon Musk and “our future in the stars”
  • AI and artificial life studies
  • Quantum mechanics and probability as parts of evolution
  • The potential existential threat of nanotech and biotech
  • Separating biological and post-biological evolution
  • DNA as memory storage
  • Extreme life extension
  • The path to enlightenment

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  2. Digital Ap3 2 years ago

    Loved these podcasts. Thanks for the intro to this amazing individual. I believe the idea of a scientific monasticism was mentioned. Neil Stephenson’s Anathem gives a great picture of such an idea. Interestingly, according to wikipedia, “Stephenson cites the work of Roger Penrose as a major influence on the novel. Specific ideas from Penrose’s work include: the idea that the human mind operates in certain fundamental ways as a quantum computer,” I haven’t read Penrose’s book but given the recurrent presentation of the idea today I guess I should!

  3. Caroline Tine 2 years ago

    To get enlightened about Gandhi and bit of Hinduism – please read – https://cordite.org.au/interviews/gonsalves-anand/

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