Calling all 3D artists and designers (experts in Blender, Maya, Unreal Engine, Cinema 4d, Zbrush, etc.). We’re hosting 2 group discussions this week about our smart village “access token”. A 3d art piece that functions like a key to our village.

We want to try to innovate in the space of regenerative villages, and one way we want to do it is to create a digital access token and currency for the village. NFTs are obviously huge these days as you all probably know and we want to build some interesting functionality into an NFT of our own. We want to design a set of procedural 3D trees that will be the face for these tokens. I have an 8 slide presentation that you can check out here.
So, if you’re interested, please follow this zoom registration link and RSVP for 1 of the 2 discussions that will happen this week. Both calls will be at 10am PT and you only need to attend one of them. The registration link is here:
Hope to see you there!


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