First Ever NFT Launches to Fund Smart Village and Regenerative ‘Living Lab’

Crypto art to fund tree planting and development of Smart Village prototype

[KAMLOOPS, BRITISH COLUMBIA] The Smart Village is creating NFT art – Non-Fungible Token digital collectibles – to fund a 400 acre regenerative living prototype community in western Canada. The site, presently a golf resort and RV park, will serve as a year-round live, work, and play ‘living lab’ that will become a prototype sustainable and regenerative living community. The NFT sale will help secure the property purchase on June 18th.

The Villages’ founders, Euvie Ivanova and Mike Gilliland are long-term residents of BC, and co-hosts of the Future Thinkers podcast. Working closely with their community, they co-developed the Village’s first SEED Token NFT (non-fungible token), which is the first of its kind to help crowdfund the Village’s land purchase, plant trees to regenerate the previously logged forest on the land, and attract value-aligned investors interested in engaging with the development of the Village.

Euvie shares, “The Smart Village has been a vision we’ve been discussing with our global community for many years. We’ve been asking questions like “what does it mean to be in a healthy relationship with the biosphere and ourselves?” and ”how can we better adapt to the changing world we live in?” We’re really excited about building a regenerative living lab to explore these kinds of questions through practice. We’re also planning to open source our learnings and share them with the other communities.”

Mike and Euvie started their podcast, Future Thinkers in 2013, interviewing thought leaders about the evolution of technology, society, and consciousness towards a regenerative future for all living beings. 

The Regenerative Living Lab will host visitors who attend retreats, events, or stop through for a private get-a-way. Over time, it will offer year-round housing for permanent residents serious about the Village’s mission. Visiting hosts will conduct educational workshops on permaculture, sustainable building materials, regenerative business and innovation, personal development, as well as decentralized governance and finance.

Founding token holders of the Village’s first ever NFT, the SEED Token, will access: 

  • A invokable, limited supply, gamified art piece with future surprises
  • A key to potential future token drops
  • Membership to a private group to participate, learn, and collaborate on various experiments at the Village
  • A badge to show off involvement of first Smart Village in BC, Canada
  • Physical trees planted at the Village in token holder’s name

To learn more and purchase the NFT, visit:

Watch the Smart Village NFT video explanation here.






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