17  Jan  2019FTP084: Kevin Kelly - What Technology Wants and The World of SuperabundanceDownload
11  Jan  2019FTP083: Duncan Trussell - Decentralized Organizing Principles in Society, and The Evolution of ConsciousnessDownload
20  Dec  2018FTP082: Charles Eisenstein - The New Story of Climate and Humanity (Part 2)Download
19  Dec  2018FTP081: Charles Eisenstein - The New Story of Climate and HumanityDownload
14  Dec  2018FTP080: The Witch and The Queen - Feminine Archetypes of Power and WisdomDownload
14  Dec  2018FTP080: The Witch and The Queen - Feminine Archetypes of Power and WisdomDownload
12  Dec  2018FTP079: The Lover - Feminine Archetype of Love, Beauty, and CreativityDownload
10  Dec  2018FTP078: The Amazon Archetype - Examples of The Feminine Warrior in Career, Politics, and MoviesDownload
07  Dec  2018FTP077: The Mother Archetype - Helicopter Parent vs. Full Acceptance of Human NatureDownload
05  Dec  2018FTP076: The King Archetype - The Crown of Mature Masculine PsycheDownload
03  Dec  201875: The Magician Archetype: Rediscovering The SacredDownload
30  Nov  2018FTP074: Reclaiming The Warrior Archetype in Modern SocietyDownload
28  Nov  2018FTP073: The Lover Archetype in The Mature Masculine PsycheDownload
26  Nov  2018FTP072: The Depression Epidemic - What You Can DoDownload
23  Nov  2018FTP071: Embracing Novelty and Uncertainty for a Life Worth LivingDownload
21  Nov  2018FTP070: Pia Mancini - Upgrading Democracy For The Digital AgeDownload
19  Nov  2018FTP069: The Lost Art of ListeningDownload
16  Nov  2018FTP068: Digital Nomadism and Radical Self-ResponsibilityDownload
14  Nov  2018FTP067: Becoming More AdaptiveDownload
12  Nov  2018FTP066: Finite and Infinite GamesDownload
09  Nov  2018FTP065: Dean Radin - Real MagicDownload
28  Sep  2018FTP064: Developing Your Sovereignty of MindDownload
12  Sep  2018FTP063: Jordan Greenhall - Pt 2: Deep CodeDownload
06  Sep  2018FTP062: Jordan Greenhall - Pt 1: Deep CodeDownload
29  Aug  2018FTP061: Don Roberto - Pt 2: Ayahuasca and ShamanismDownload
23  Aug  2018FTP060: Don Roberto - Ayahuasca and ShamanismDownload
17  Jul  2018FTP059: Daniel Schmachtenberger - Solving The Generator Functions of Existential Risks, Part 3Download
17  Jul  2018FTP058: Daniel Schmachtenberger - Solving The Generator Functions of Existential Risks, Part 2Download
17  Jul  2018FTP057: Daniel Schmachtenberger - Solving The Generator Functions of Existential Risks, Part 1Download
29  Jun  2018FTP056: Emmanuel Jal - The Incredible Resilience of The Human MindDownload
11  Jun  2018FTP055: David Katz - Solving Plastic Pollution and Alleviating PovertyDownload
24  May  2018FTP054: Toni Lane Casserly - Paradigm Shifts of Culture and ConsciousnessDownload
16  May  2018FTP053: Ramez Naam - Reasons To Be Optimistic About the FutureDownload
24  Apr  2018FTP052: Guy Standing - Making Basic Income a RealityDownload
07  Apr  2018FTP051: Vít Jedlička - Liberland: Prototype For a Decentralized StateDownload
30  Mar  2018FTP050: Daniel Jeffries - The Evolution of Systems and The Meaning of LifeDownload
25  Feb  2018FTP049: Daniel Jeffries - Decentralized Governance and IdentityDownload
09  Jan  2018FTP048: Jordan Greenhall - Sovereignty in ChaosDownload
12  Dec  2017FTP047: Jordan Greenhall - Collective Intelligence During Global CollapseDownload
16  Oct  2017FTP046: Daniel Schmachtenberger - The Existential GameDownload
16  Sep  2017FTP045: Amber Case- Calm Technology and Human-Machine InteractionsDownload
21  Aug  2017FTP044: David Orban - Entrepreneurship in the 21st CenturyDownload
04  Aug  2017FTP043: Daniel Schmachtenberger - NeurogenesisDownload
19  Jul  2017FTP042: Daniel Schmachtenberger - NeurohackingDownload
31  May  2017FTP041: Possibilities of Blockchain & CryptocurrencyDownload
28  May  2017FTP040: Dr. Kirby Surprise - Ayahuasca and SynchronocityDownload
03  May  2017FTP039: Dr. Jordan Peterson - Archetypes, Psychedelics and EnlightenmentDownload
03  Apr  2017FTP038: Dr. Jordan Peterson - Mapping the Mind, Failed Utopias, and Finding MeaningDownload
15  Mar  2017FTP037: Dr. Kirby Surprise - SynchronicityDownload
10  Feb  2017FTP036: Daniel Schmachtenberger - Phase Shifting HumanityDownload
19  Jan  2017FTP035: Duncan Trussell - Manipulating RealityDownload
10  Jan  2017FTP034: Duncan Trussell - Apocalypse and The Cognitive Vertigo of RealityDownload
03  Dec  2016FTP033: Vince Meens - Blockchain - The Building Blocks for a New SocietyDownload
13  Oct  2016FTP032: Aric Dromi - Smart Cities of The FutureDownload
29  Jul  2016FTP031: Scott Santens - Basic IncomeDownload
05  Jul  2016FTP030: Robin Hanson - Brain EmulationDownload
23  Jun  2016FTP029: The Death of The DAO and Codifying Ethics in BlockchainDownload
19  May  2016FTP028: Vinay Gupta - Enlightenment for the Future of HumanityDownload
12  May  2016FTP027: Vinay Gupta - The Practical Steps to EnlightenmentDownload
04  May  2016FTP026: Vinay Gupta - What Is Enlightenment? Download
14  Apr  2016FTP025: James Hughes - Cyborg Buddha and Transhuman EnlightenmentDownload
31  Mar  2016FTP024: David Brin - Building Future Societies with Transparency and FreedomDownload
23  Mar  2016FTP023: Phil Torres - Existential Risks to HumanityDownload
02  Mar  2016FTP022: DMT - Crazy Psychedelic or Portal to Other Dimensions? Download
25  Feb  2016FTP021: Psychedelics Changes My LifeDownload
13  Jan  2016FTP020: Consciousness and The Three BodiesDownload
22  May  2015FTP019: Vinay Gupta - Hakuna Matata, Space Pharaoh!Download
12  May  2015FTP018: Vinay Gupta - Techno-Social SystemsDownload
06  May  2015FTP017: Sci Fi, Copyright, and The Sharing EconomyDownload
21  Apr  2015FTP016: Vitalik Buterin - Ethereum and Decentralized Blockchain PlatformsDownload
13  Apr  2015FTP015: Zoltan Istvan - Transhumanism and Future PoliticsDownload
30  Mar  2015FTP014: The Exponential RevolutionDownload
09  Jan  2015FTP013: Conscious Evolution - Eliminating DiscriminationDownload
03  Jan  2015FTP012: The Future of Marketing is StorytellingDownload
21  Aug  2014FTP011: Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Basic IncomeDownload
07  Aug  2014FTP010: Nikola Danaylov - Shaping Our Own FutureDownload
31  Jul  2014FTP009: The Future of EducationDownload
21  Jul  2014FTP008: Jon Myers and Terry Lin - The Future of WorkDownload
18  Jun  2014FTP007: Jesse Lawler - Transhumanism and EvolutionDownload
14  Mar  2014FTP006: Individuality and The BorgDownload
01  Mar  2014FTP005: Minecraft and Virtual RealityDownload
12  Feb  2014FTP004: Would You Date a Machine?Download
12  Feb  2014FTP003: The Fermi ParadoxDownload
12  Feb  2014FTP002: Creativity and SingularityDownload
11  Feb  2014FTP001: Technology and SpiritualityDownload


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