Adapt to the Future Video Series by Future Thinkers

We’re nearly 8 billion people on the planet, facing some major social, political, economic and environmental problems. Many of us want to do something about it but we feel stuck and unsure of what to do. We’re struggling to find the right action to take on issues like conflict, poverty, the destruction of nature, and spread of misinformation.

There are many conflicting perspectives on this problem, and it’s difficult to make sense of what is going on and what to do about it.

> Should we build a bunker?
> Elect better authorities?
> Tear down the power structures?
> Create a new system?
> Build a civilization on Mars?
> Take more personal responsibility?

To answer these questions, Future Thinkers are creating a new video series, which explores different ways in which we can improve how we make sense of what is happening, adapt to change, and contribute meaningfully to the world.

The video episodes will cover subjects related to:

  • Sense-making and cognitive sovereignty: getting clear about how we perceive, think about, and take action in the world.
  • Resilience and shadow work: facing the unconscious mind and our evolved nature to become more resilient.
  • Upgrading culture & society: experimenting with new systems for society, governance and civilization.
  • Overcoming the meaning crisis: finding the path to a life of meaning and purpose.

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Future Thinkers is a media platform, community, and education portal dedicated to the evolution of society, technology, and consciousness. Our mission is to help people wake up, evolve, and adapt to the changing world.


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Our mission is to help people wake up, evolve, and adapt to the changing world.

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