The Magician is the third Jungian masculine archetype in this series. The Magician has a deep curiosity for everything in life — he is willing to put in the effort to learn the secret knowledge and teach it to the others. He uncovers things that are not immediately obvious, understands how they work and applies that knowledge to creating something new. So, in relation to The Warrior, for example, The Magician is the creative force and the thinker who drives the actions of The Warrior.

In this episode, we talk about the full expression of The Magician archetype, the well-known magician characters from popular fiction, as well as the examples of magicians in our culture and science. We also talk about its shadow versions, and how to recognize them in business or within your community.

The magician archetype has a built in necessity to elevate other people up to the same level that he is at. -@MikeGilliland Click To Tweet

In This Episode Of Future Thinkers:

  • The Magician Archetype in its esoteric and mundane context
  • The common trait of magicians — putting in an extraordinary effort to learn hidden knowledge
  • The willingness to share knowledge and give secret information to the people
  • Why there is such lack of mentorship and apprenticeship in this age
  • The path of learning secret knowledge in the past and the importance of initiation
  • Shamanism as an expression of The Magician Archetype and the stigma surrounding this practice
  • Recognizing the shadow versions of The Magician in pickup artists, marketing gurus, manipulators, or cult leaders
  • The Detached Manipulator and The Innocent One — the dark sides of The Magician
  • Why holding secret knowledge comes with difficulties and great responsibility
  • Examples of The Magician Archetype in arts, technology, science and popular culture
  • How to access this archetype in your own self-development practice
  • Rediscovering the sacred space in your everyday life
Culture is a consensus reality, it's an imagined order that exists so that a large group of people can cooperate. But culture is not immovable. -@EuvieIvanova Click To Tweet

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