19 Industries The Blockchain Will Disrupt

The blockchain is one of the most promising technologies for the future, and will likely disrupt many industries from banking to governance to music.

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FTP066: Finite and Infinite Games

Mike and Euvie discuss the concepts of finite and infinite games from the book by James Carse, how to recognize which game we are playing, examples and practical applications in every area of life.

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7 Ways The Blockchain Can Save The Environment and Stop Climate Change

The blockchain is the technology behind Bitcoin and Ethereum, and there are many ways it can help protect the environment and reverse climate change.

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Blockchain: The Collective Planetary Brain

Blockchain as a collective planetary brain. Voice by Vince Meens. Produced by Future Thinkers. Sponsored by Aeternity.

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We Want To Create The Future

When I think of the future, I don't think of the one with war, rising unemployment, refugees, reality show politics, or some hostile artificial intelligence takeover. I think of the one where we harness new technologies and systems to give our time, freedom, and security back.

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What Is Universal Basic Income and Why Support It?

A simple video explaining why we need universal basic income, what it is, and what it can do for society.

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What If Artificial Intelligence Was Enlightened?

This is the first video in our video series Deep Breath. What if Artificial Intelligence was enlightened? Video Transcript: I find it interesting that there are so many dystopian visions about Artificial Intelligence in popular culture and media nowadays. The Terminator or The Matrix situation, where it’s a hostile takeover...

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