Podcast episodes about revolution from the Future Thinkers Podcast by Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova

FTP126: Joe Brewer – Regenerating The Earth

Joe Brewer is back on the show to talk about living in economic collapse, re-establishing relationships with nature and community, and his new book called The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth.

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FTP105: Jim Rutt – Game B: The Fifth Attractor, A New Social OS

Jim Rutt discusses the concept of Game B, network attractors in complex systems like human society, and how to prepare for potential collapse scenarios.

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FPT092: Rupert Sheldrake – Paradigm Shifts in Science and Consciousness

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake talks about morphic resonance, paradigm shifts in science, psy phenomena, consciousness and his new book Ways To Go Beyond.

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FTP090, 091: Joe Brewer – Rites of Passage For Cultural Evolution

Joe Brewer of the Center For Applied Cultural Evolution discusses evolutionary transition, modern rites of passage, and designing a regenerative culture.

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FTP083: Duncan Trussell – Life, Death, and Hive Minds

Duncan Trussell is back on the show to talk about evolving collective cooperation, spiritual practices and fundamental goodness of the universe.

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FTP065: Dean Radin – Real Magic and The Future of Science

Dean Radin talks about how esoteric and magic traditions connect with modern studies of parapsychology, and the growing body of scientific evidence for what people think of as psychic phenomena.

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