We’re excited to host Rupert Sheldrake in this episode, a biologist and author best known for his hypothesis of morphic resonance. Besides getting into the details of this hypothesis, we also talk about paradigm shifts in science, psy phenomena, experiments in consciousness, and about his new book called “Ways to Go Beyond And Why They Work,” where he describes some of the most well known spiritual practices for altering consciousness.

In This Episode Of Future Thinkers:

  • The concept of morphic resonance and how biological patterns may transfer across space and time
  • Examples of morphic resonance in humans and the emergence of Flynn Effect
  • How one can extend their mind through morphic fields and morphic resonance
  • The importance of distinguishing a natural phenomenon and the theory explaining it
  • Why uncertainty is inherent to science and how the scientific process actually works
  • The problems with the dominant scientific model and why consciousness remains the “hard problem”
  • The problem with hard atheism and the materialistic worldview in educational system
  • Is it possible to create a paradigm shift in science to incorporate psy phenomena?
  • The telephone telepathy experiment
  • The secular growth of spiritual practices like yoga, meditation and psychedelics
  • Seven transformative spiritual practices that have scientifically measurable effects
In the future we might see 12-step recovery groups from materialistic education on every university campus, because it takes a long time to free yourself from this indoctrination. - @RupertSheldrake Click To Tweet

Links And Resources:

It's better to start spiritual practices even with limited motives, then not do them at all. - @RupertSheldrake Click To Tweet

Recommended Books:

It’s a completely new phase of spiritual evolution, where we have people coming out of materialist, atheist background, taking out spiritual practices, which may lead them to challenge their worldview. - @RupertSheldrake Click To Tweet

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