We invited Joe Brewer on the show again as part of our regenerative series. We had him last year, and we talked about cultural evolution and designing regenerative cultures. Since then Joe moved to a rural community in Colombia, started the Earth Regenerators Study Group, and wrote a new book.

In this episode we talk about his new book called The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth.

We also talk about what it’s like to live in economic collapse, how to re-establish relationships with nature and community, and how something as important as Earth Regeneration can be done with a sense of child-like playfulness.

When the system is still functioning, you can’t change it. - Joe Brewer @cognitivepolicy Click To Tweet

In This Episode of Future Thinkers:

  • Joe’s experiences with living in economic collapse in Columbia
  • What his book The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth is about
  • How to re-create the connection with the land that we live on
  • How to design for climate change in a positive way
  • The difference between being a resident and being an inhabitant of a place
  • How to approach Earth regeneration in a playful way
  • Why we have normalized being unhealthy and having hormonal imbalances
  • Imagining alternative to universities where we could learn while working on regeneration
  • Regenerative livelihood vs. capitalistic model of insecurity and needing money to survive
  • Why there aren’t any examples of sustainable cities in human history
Our power is to participate with life, and as we participate with life, we feel empowered. - Joe Brewer @cognitivepolicy Click To Tweet

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