Our guest in this podcast episode is Dr. Dayna Baumeister, a researcher, consultant, and educator in the field of biomimicry. She is the the co-founder  Biomimicry 3.8., a project that trains change-makers in sustainable design principles inspired by nature’s forms, processes, and ecosystems.

Dayna and her business partner Janine Benyus have developed the biomimicry movement as a response to the world’s sustainability problems.

In this episode we talk about how we can learn from nature to be more resilient and self-sustainable, raise better adapted kids, and adopt the everyday practices to improve our chances of overcoming the climate and economic challenges ahead.

In This Episode of Future Thinkers:

  • What is biomimicry and how it informs systems design and decision making
  • Why teaching resilience is key to the education for uncertain future
  • The role of developing countries in providing innovative and creative solutions to social, economic and climate challenges
  • What are some of the potential scenarios of the future
  • Why global scaling of technological solutions almost never works long-term
  • How communities can be created that are more sustainable, healthy and in line with nature
  • Four C’s and 26 Life’s Principles as guidelines for agency and systems change
  • How to apply biomimicry principles to social innovation and human interactions
Every version of scaling must include a local attunement component. It's one of the Life's Principles, that nature is locally attuned and responsive. - @DaynaBaumeister Click To Tweet

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