Today on the show we have Jim Rutt, complexity researcher, systems thinker, podcaster, and former key player in several technology companies. Jim was previously the chairman of the Santa Fe Institute, where he has been involved since 2002, working in the scientific study of consciousness and evolutionary artificial intelligence. He is also one of the thinkers behind BigChainDB, the blockchain architecture startup.

In this episode we talk about the concept of Game B, what it is and how it emerged, the idea of network attractors in complex systems like human society, and how to prepare for potential collapse scenarios in the future.

Truly radical thinking happens way outside the box, on how to define a new social operative system, consistent with the limits of our ecosystem, and congruent with our nature as human beings. - @jim_rutt Click To Tweet

In This Episode of Future Thinkers:

  • What is Game A and Game B?
  • Strong links vs. weak links in human communication and society
  • Generational differences in approaching politics, structures, and problems of our time
  • What are network attractors and how they influence the current socioeconomic system
  • Searching for The Fifth Attractor – a new social operative system
  • How to build resilience and self-recovery capacity for the potential collapse scenarios
  • The cascading of system failures and second-order effects
  • How to create more resilient basic infrastructures like water and electricity supply systems
Nothing spurs revolution like food shortages, and we are not far from massive food shortages, combined with climate fluctuation and economic fluctuation. - @jim_rutt Click To Tweet

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