Podcast episodes about consciousness from the Future Thinkers Podcast by Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova

FTP135: Rites of Passage Q&A with Michael Meade

Storyteller, scholar and author Michael Meade answers questions from the Future Thinkers Members on the role of rites of passage in today's world.

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FTP131: Daniel Christian Wahl – Designing Regenerative Cultures

Daniel Christian Wahl on regenerative cultures, the role of humans on planet Earth, and the importance of being in right relationship with technology, nature, and the process of life as a whole.

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FTP127: Nora Bateson – Healing A Disintegrating Society

Nora Bateson is back for another sensemaking conversation on the current disintegration of societal systems, and how to navigate the chaos of the world.

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FTP126: Joe Brewer – Regenerating The Earth

Joe Brewer is back on the show to talk about living in economic collapse, re-establishing relationships with nature and community, and his new book called The Design Pathway for Regenerating Earth.

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FTP125: Bonnitta Roy – Human Flourishing in the Time of Turmoil

Author and philosopher Bonnitta Roy talks about human flourishing, the rise of localism, whether we need institutions, and validating different expressions.

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FTP123: Donald Hoffman – Do We See Reality As It Is?

Donald Hoffman, cognitive scientist and author of The Case Against Reality, explains the theory of conscious realism and why we can't see reality as it is.

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FTP122: Live Q&A With Jamie Wheal

Jamie Wheal answers questions live in a Q&A with Future Thinkers Members.

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FTP120: Q&A With Joe Brewer

Joe Brewer's work is centered around regenerative cultures. He travels around the world, studying different practices that contribute to the regeneration of the environment and communities.

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FTP119: Bonnitta Roy – Ego & Group Practices

Author, teacher and philosopher Bonnitta Roy talks about group processes, ego deconstruction in groups, and evolving our spiritual capacities from past.

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FTP118: Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic

In this episode we are discussing what effects the COVID-19 pandemic is having on global systems, what societal changes and opportunities arise from it, and how individual can cope with this situation.

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