Our guest in this episode is Donald Hoffman, a cognitive psychologist who studies consciousness, visual perception and evolutionary psychology using mathematical models and psychophysical experiments.

Donald is the author of several books, the latest one being The case against reality.

In this interview we talk about Donald’s scientific theory of consciousness, which he refers to as ‘conscious realism.’

We discuss why we don’t see reality as it is, what experiments demonstrate this and the role of spiritual practices in how we perceive reality.

Humans have consistent pattern of getting things wrong. - @DonalddHoffman Click To Tweet

In This Episode Of Future Thinkers:

  • The successes and failures of cognitive neuroscience
  • What is conscious realism and who are conscious agents
  • What is collective consciousness according to this theory
  • Why evolution by natural selection does not favor seeing reality as it is
  • Approaching human consciousness as a ‘user interface’
  • What is death and how it affects our consciousness
  • What is scientific spirituality and what is the role of meditation in perceiving reality
  • Experiments and examples which show that our sensing are not reporting the truth
  • Panpsychism vs. conscious realism
  • What is free choice and how it relates to the dynamic of conscious agents
  • What prevents us from having control over reality and our user interface
No scientist can say we have a theory that explains everything. There are always miracles at the foundation. - @DonalddHoffman Click To Tweet

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