We invited Nora Bateson back on the show for another sensemaking conversation. Nora Bateson is an award-winning filmmaker, writer, educator, and the President of the International Bateson Institute.

We wanted to hear her views on the current disintegration of societal systems, and how to navigate the chaos of the world.

We talk about how to raise and educate children for the uncertain future, and how to find the potential for healing and transformation in these difficult times. She also shares some thought provoking quotes from her father Gregory Bateson’s writings.

How do you prepare your children to not fail in the existing system, but to be able to create a new one, and not be attached to the current system? - @NoraBateson Click To Tweet

In This Episode of Future Thinkers:

  • How to educate children to succeed but not to be attached to the current system
  • Why it is harmful to create scenarios for the future
  • How inter-generational relationships represent mutually responsive complex systems
  • Learning to be in the state of uncertainty
  • What consistencies of the current systems are being broken right now
  • What is a tautology and how to apply it to the current societal system
  • The process of going from independent to interdependent systems
  • How to make sense of the “violence of healing”
  • Information vs. transformation and how these two notions relate
  • To what extent free will and agency exist at all at this moment
  • What is “X + 1” concept and how to apply it to the current state of the world

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