FTP135: Rites of Passage Q&A with Michael Meade

Storyteller, scholar and author Michael Meade answers questions from the Future Thinkers Members on the role of rites of passage in today's world.

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FTP080: The Witch And The Queen – Feminine Archetypes of Power And Wisdom

In the last episode of this series, we explore the archetypes of The Witch and The Queen, and practical ways to evoke different archetypes in our psyche.

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FTP078: The Amazon Archetype – Examples of The Feminine Warrior in Career, Politics, and Movies

The Amazon Archetype is the feminine version of The Warrior and we can often find it in movies, TV shows and in professions traditionally dominated by men.

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FTP077: The Mother Archetype – Helicopter Parent vs. Full Acceptance of Human Nature

We are exploring the traits of The Mother as one of four major feminine archetypes, its full expression, shadow versions and examples from popular culture.

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FTP075: The Magician Archetype – Rediscovering The Sacred Beyond The Mundane

Mike and Euvie talk about The Magician Archetype, its full expression and shadow versions, as well as the examples of well known magicians in our culture.

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FTP074: Reclaiming The Warrior Archetype in Modern Masculinity

Why The Warrior is the most misunderstood archetype in our culture and how to integrate it in its full expression in a prosocial and productive way.

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FTP073: Accessing The Most Repressed Archetype in the Masculine Psyche – The Lover

Mike and Euvie discuss The Lover Archetype, how it manifests in children and adults, and its positive and negative aspects in mature masculine psyche.

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