Today we are exploring the feminine archetype of The Lover, which to a certain extent mirrors its masculine counterpart but also has its own specific traits. The feminine Lover is the embodiment of love, beauty and creativity. While researching this topic, we’ve discovered that it is difficult to talk and write about this archetype, as female sexuality still hasn’t been fully reconciled and accepted in post-agricultural society. We are covering the Lover Archetype through history, psychological development, culture, arts and popular media.

The energy of The Lover is very expansive. She doesn't care about boundaries, she just wants more expression, more feeling, more sensuality, more joy, more beauty. - @EuvieIvanova Click To Tweet

In This Episode Of Future Thinkers:

  • Hetaira – the version of the Lover Archetype in ancient Greece
  • Why societies have had problems with female sexuality throughout history
  • Time-biased and role-based descriptions of The Lover archetype in literature
  • The Lover in hippie culture of the 20th century – mythological interpretations
  • The full expression of the Lover Archetype and its benefits for women
  • Connections between sexuality and creativity
  • How The Lover and The Amazon complement each other in the same person
  • Oppression and abuse as common triggers of the Lover’s shadow versions
  • Childhood manifestations and the shadow version of Daddy’s Girl
  • Femme Fatale as the expression of childhood oppression of sexuality
  • Initiation through acceptance of grief and ways to overcome trauma related to sexuality
  • How men can support the full expression of feminine Lover archetype
A part of The Lover's initiation into adulthood is to completely accept her own grief, not to blame anybody for it, not to repress it, but to feel it in all of its fullness. - @EuvieIvanova Click To Tweet

Mentions and Resources:

Creativity is a great, healthy way to express The Lover energy, because it's symbolic and in many ways more safe for women than expressing sexual energy directly. - @EuvieIvanova Click To Tweet

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