The Amazon archetype is the embodiment of an ambitious, adventurous, and independent woman. She is the feminine version of The Warrior archetype, fighting for the values she believes in. This is a very common archetype in movies – Wonder Woman, Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, and Ripley in Alien are some of the many examples. In everyday life, many women in business, politics, and sports occupy this archetype.

As all the other archetypes, The Amazon too has its childhood and adult manifestations, as well as active and passive shadow versions. In this episode we discuss why The Amazon is so relevant in today’s world.

In This Episode Of Future Thinkers

  • Why The Amazon Archetype is so prevalent in popular culture and media
  • The most recognizable traits of The Amazon
  • The seeds of The Amazon in the Explorer Child
  • Miss Know-It-All and the active shadow of The Amazon in childhood
  • The Pushover and how the shadow polarities often play off of each other
  • Why professions dominated by men often attract The Amazon
  • How The Amazon manifests in activism – the positive and shadow versions
  • The aggressive Vigilante as the active shadow in an adult Amazon
  • The Victim – the Amazon’s shadow weak side
  • The examples of The Amazon archetype in movies, history, and modern life
  • Overlaps between feminine and masculine archetypes, and how either gender can apply them
  • The progression of feminine archetypes in a person’s life

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