The King Archetype represents an integrated version of all other masculine archetypes.

The Lover, The Warrior and The Magician in their full expressions, with all positive traits solidified, are baked into The King. Interestingly enough, the childhood version of this archetype – The Divine Child, is the first one to emerge in a person’s life. To fully integrate the mature version of The King archetype, it usually takes many years and a lot of life experience.

In this episode, we give an overview of The King’s traits, its shadow versions, as well as how to access it in its fullness regardless of your age or the stage of life you are at.

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In This Episode Of Future Thinkers:

  • Recognizing the King’s traits in children’s behavior
  • The Divine Child as the embodiment of pure love, joy, and hope for the future
  • The Highchair Tyrant — the seeds of narcissism and entitlement
  • The Weakling Prince as the passive shadow of The King Archetype
  • Integrity, order, decisiveness, and responsibility in the full expression of The King
  • The importance of mentoring and giving “blessings” to young men
  • The home as the first domain of The King’s sovereignty
  • Productive, creative, protective of others — the important roles of The King
  • How being hyper-intellectual and hyper-rational can lead to shadow manifestations of The King
  • Different kinds of legacies The King can leave behind
  • How to apply and manifest the King’s traits in everyday life

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