After covering Jungian masculine archetypes in previous four episodes, today we are starting to explore feminine archetypes. Even though there is somewhat less literature and research on this topic, there are certain archetypes that are consistently described across the different systems. So in the second part of this series, we will explore the archetypes of The Mother, The Amazon, The Lover, The Witch, and The Queen.

We begin with The Mother, the characteristics of her full expression and her shadow versions, as well as the examples from popular culture, that will help you better understand and recognize this archetype.

In ancient cultures, Mother could mean your actual mother, the general mother role, and also nature itself. All of the physical world was seen as Mother, having the qualities of giving and taking away life. - @EuvieIvanova Click To Tweet

In This Episode Of Future Thinkers:

  • The biological foundations of motherhood that determine the qualities of The Mother archetype
  • The Mother in its fullness as the expression of nurturing, empathy, and complete acceptance
  • Professions that benefit from a strong presence of this archetype
  • Manifestations of The Mothers’ energy in children
  • How anyone can use The Mother archetype to increase their wellbeing
  • Helicopter Mother – the most common shadow version in today’s society
  • How the Mother archetype shows up in activism
  • How to recognize when you are stepping into the shadow version of The Mother
  • Mother as nature itself; that which gives and takes away life
  • Examples of this archetype in mythology and popular culture
Men have to get initiated: women get initiated by nature @MikeGilliland Click To Tweet

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