FTP109: Dr. Dayna Baumeister – Biomimicry: What We Risk If We Ignore Nature’s Design

Dr. Dayna Baumeister talks about biomimicry, and how we can learn from nature to be more resilient, self-sustainable, and raise better adapted kids.

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FTP108: Joker Is a Warning

From mass shootings and mental illness epidemic to the anger of climate change protests, Joker is a potent commentary on the Western world.

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FTP106, 107: Nora Bateson – The Complexities of Climate Change and Cultural Evolution

Nora Bateson on the complexity of understanding climate change, what sense-making really means, warm data, chaos & order, and what we really need for social & cultural change.

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FTP105: Jim Rutt – Game B: The Fifth Attractor, A New Social OS

Jim Rutt discusses the concept of Game B, network attractors in complex systems like human society, and how to prepare for potential collapse scenarios.

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FTP104: Retreat Center Vision & Other New Projects

In this episode we are discussing our vision for a retreat center for exploring the ideas and practices we talk about on the podcast and in our courses.

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FTP102, 103: Cris Beasley – How To Deal with Negative Emotions to Develop Mental Sovereignty

Cris Beasley is an author, ex AI startup founder and healing practioner who created the Love Lock card deck to help people get in touch with their difficult emotions.

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FTP100: Jamie Wheal – Sense-Making In Chaos

Jamie Wheal discusses the difficulty of sense-making in a world that is unraveling faster than we can track, and what are the potential solutions to this crisis.

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FTP098, 099: John Vervaeke – Overcoming The Meaning Crisis

John Vervaeke of The University of Toronto discusses his lecture series Awakening From The Meaning Crisis and transformational practices to create a meaningful life.

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FTP097: Increasing Sovereignty by Deconstructing Identity

Mike and Euvie discuss further on one of their favorite topics - how to gain more sovereignty in modern world, as well as how sovereignty relates to identity.

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