Our guest in the following two episodes is Cris Beasley, an author, podcaster, ex AI startup founder and healing practitioner who created the Love Lock card deck to help people explore and work with difficult emotions. We asked Cris some of the questions that we often get from our listeners and course participants: how to access the repressed emotions in the body, what are some of the helpful techniques and tools to do it, and how to integrate these emotions into our lives in a healthy way.

This episode is in two parts. In Part 1 we talk about the most common 4 emotional responses in difficult situations, the transformative power of breathwork, and other tools to access difficult emotions.

In Part 2 we talk about the role of emotional health in society and why it is crucial for gaining self-sovereignty, as well as the current position of mainstream science on energy work and healing practices.

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In This Episode of Future Thinkers:

  • The main stress responses in the body – Fight, Flight, Freeze and Please
  • How different breathing techniques can help us get back to the body
  • Using tarot cards as a tool for deep conversations and exploring repressed emotions
  • Accepting emotional discomfort – a key to self-transformation and growth
  • Can we train ourselves to experience different emotions?
  • What is “the meditation trap” and why meditation doesn’t work for everyone
  • How to maintain agency and sovereignty in the moment of emotional trigger
  • The political aspects of science and why there is little research on emotional healing techniques
  • The poor level of emotional health on societal scale and how it affects the current state of the world
  • The value of working with experienced practitioners and a community on resolving traumas and reconnecting with our bodies

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