FTP072: The Depression Epidemic – What You Can Do

In this episode we talk about the epidemic of depression in the Western world, what causes it and how it can be solved.

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FTP071: Embracing Novelty and Uncertainty for a Life Worth Living

Mike and Euvie talk about the value of novelty as one of the basic human needs and how to induce the state where everything feels new.

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FTP070: Pia Mancini – Upgrading Democracy For The Digital Age

Pia Mancini, a political scientist and activist and co-founder of Open Collective and Democracy Earth, talks about upgrading democracy for the age of internet and technology.

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FTP069: The Lost Art of Listening

Mike and Euvie talk about why we have forgotten how to listen in today's world, what are different ways of listening and steps to take to improve at it.

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FTP068: Digital Nomadism and Radical Self-Responsibility

In this episode we talk about our experiences with digital nomad lifestyle and how nomadism has shifted our perspectives on the world in the past six years.

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FTP067: Becoming More Adaptive

Mike and Euvie discuss how to become more adaptive, and build mental flexibility as one of the most important skills to have in the world of future.

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FTP066: Finite and Infinite Games

Mike and Euvie discuss the concepts of finite and infinite games from the book by James Carse, how to recognize which game we are playing, examples and practical applications in every area of life.

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FTP065: Dean Radin – Real Magic and The Future of Science

Dean Radin talks about how esoteric and magic traditions connect with modern studies of parapsychology, and the growing body of scientific evidence for what people think of as psychic phenomena.

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