In today’s world of either broadcasting or consuming information, people seem to have forgotten how to really listen. In this episode, we explore how we have arrived at this point where we can no longer listen to other people or our environment, and how to re-learn that crucial skill. We talk about different ways of listening, frameworks we can use to understand people better, as well as practical steps towards becoming better listeners.

In This Episode of Future Thinkers:

  • How being immersed in a constant noise of information affects our mind
  • The lack of opportunities to be still and listen to someone else or your environment
  • Listening as a three-dimensional experience
  • The goal of active listening and the “ping test”
  • Possible causes of unwillingness to understand others’ perspectives
  • Did people’s attention skills really decrease in recent years?
  • Practical ways to improve our listening skills
  • Using theĀ internet to express yourself and characteristics of online interactions
  • Different frameworks for understanding people’s behaviors and basic needs
It has to fall on your responsibility to both be understood and to understand. You have to be a sovereign unit that is good at communication. - @MikeGilliland Click To Tweet

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