Today we talk about the epidemic of depression in the Western world — what causes it, and how it can be solved. We live in the most peaceful, most prosperous time in the history of humanity, and everything seems to be amazing, yet people are increasingly depressed.

To explore this topic, we start with the idea that for 99% of history, humans were hunters-gatherers and evolved to live a very different lifestyle — spending time outdoors and tightly connected to their communities. Now that we live indoors, sitting in front of a computer, not socializing or exercising sufficiently, eating processed food, our modern lifestyle is not in line with our nature, and that is the major factor of the present epidemic of depression.

In This Episode Of Future Thinkers:

  • Evoking the life of our ancestors to learn more about our modern life
  • Invisible stress factors from our environment that contribute to depression
  • Media consumption as an important influence factor for feeling helpless and depressed
  • Training ourselves to pinpoint the exact cause of our discomfort
  • Increasing self-sovereignty as an important tool for overcoming depression
  • 6 simple steps to alleviate depression symptoms
  • The importance of daily routines and habits to shift your state
Many people take it upon themselves to fix the world problems before they fixed their own problems, without realizing how their individual problems are connected. Click To Tweet

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You have to figure out how to be very accurate with what is causing you pain and discomfort, otherwise you're going to end up fixing things that didn't need fixing in the first place. Click To Tweet

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