First Ever NFT Launches to Fund Smart Village and Regenerative ‘Living Lab’

First Ever NFT Launches to Fund Smart Village and Regenerative ‘Living Lab’ Crypto art to fund tree planting and development of Smart Village prototype The Smart Village is creating NFT art – Non-Fungible Token digital collectibles – to fund a 400 acre regenerative living prototype community in western...

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How We’re Using NFTs to Plant Trees at the Smart Village

Find out how we're using NFTs to fund the Smart Village, regenerate the forest, and create ways for our community members to learn and participate in the project.

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A Big Next Step For The Smart Village

Learn about the new location for Future Thinkers Smart Village in Biritsh Columbia, and the next step in making this big vision a reality.

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FTP136: Self-Organizing Collaborative Governance Q+A with Richard D. Bartlett

Richard D. Bartlett, the director of The Enspiral Foundation and co-founder of Loomio, answers questions on self-organizing governance and better ways of working together.

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FTP135: Rites of Passage Q&A with Michael Meade

Storyteller, scholar and author Michael Meade answers questions from the Future Thinkers Members on the role of rites of passage in today's world.

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FTP134: Miriam Martineau – Building an Intentional Community

Miriam Martineau, a counselor, teacher and founder of Next Step Integral, discusses the practical aspects of running an intentional community.

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FTP133: Jim Rutt – How to Transition to a GameB Society

Systems thinker Jim Rutt discusses how GameB concepts are being applied in practice, what ProtoB communities are, and the steps to adopt a GameB mindset.

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FTP132: Tyson Yunkaporta and Megan Kelleher – Indigenous Thinking In Times Of Transition

Author of 'Sand Talk' Tyson Yunkaporta and scholar Megan Kelleher discuss integrating indigenous wisdom with contemporary life and technology.

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FTP131: Daniel Christian Wahl – Designing Regenerative Cultures

Daniel Christian Wahl on regenerative cultures, the role of humans on planet Earth, and the importance of being in right relationship with technology, nature, and the process of life as a whole.

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