Our guests in this episode are Tyson Yunkaporta and his wife Megan Kelleher. Tyson is the author of Sand Talk, and indigenous thinker from the Apalech clan from the West Cape of Queensland, Australia. Megan is a scholar at RMIT in Melbourne, who is currently researching the connection between blockchain and indigenous knowledge systems. She is of Barada and Gabalbara heritage of Northeast Queensland, Australia.

We talk about integrating indigenous wisdom with contemporary life, whether technology is adaptive or destructive for humanity, growth and scaling in human systems, and transitional cultures on the way to a healthier way of being in this world.

In This Episode of Future Thinkers:

  • What kind of culture we can establish at this time in humanity’s evolution
  • How blockchain and AI technology can use indigenous principles of governance
  • Indigenous knowledge as a process rather than information
  • How to grow in complexity and exchange rather than scaling in size and replication
  • How biomimicry can help societies transition back towards deep relations with the land
  • Finding sources of creativity and innovation in women’s business and culture
  • Motherhood in our civilization and denying the primacy of mother-child relation
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