We’re very excited to announce that in June 2021 we’re dropping our first Smart Village NFT!


If you are not familiar, NFTs stands for Non Fungible Tokens – it’s a type of crypto token that is verifiably unique or rare, instead of being interchangeable in the way that dollars or Bitcoins are.

They are a type of crypto token that has become popular with creators for releasing limited edition art or collectibles.

But there is much more to NFTs than art (we actually think they will be revolutionary for creators of all kinds!).

NFTs can represent any other type of unique item – a ticket, an access key, membership, a recognition badge, an IOU for a service, and much more.

We will be releasing several different kinds of NFTs for the Smart Village in the near future.

By purchasing our NFTs, you are directly contributing to bringing the village into reality.

The first NFT we are dropping will be called the SEED, and will give you:

  • An evokable, limited supply, collectible art piece
  • A key to potential future token drops
  • Membership to a private group to participate, learn, and collaborate on various experiments at the Smart Village
  • A badge to show off your involvement in the first Smart Village in BC, Canada
  • A physical tree planted at the Village in your name

We’ve been working with the folks from Commons Stack and Longtail Financial to do token engineering¬† & validate our token ecosystem that the NFTs will be part of. This is just the beginning!

Find out more about the Smart Village project: futurethinkers.org/village

Participate in our very first NFT drop: futurethinkers.org/nft

Please share this page to help our smart village project succeed!


In This Episode of Future Thinkers:

  • Why we’re releasing an NFT
  • What are NFTs and what can they do?
  • How artists, smart villages, and social good projects can use NFTs to raise funding
  • Our first NFT to plant trees and do regenerative and permaculture work at the village
  • How the NFTs will evolve in the future
  • Ove of our first events: a psychedelic geocache adventure
  • Pre-selling accommodations through NFTs
  • Event and workshop tickets at the village as NFTs
  • Crowdfunding future buildings at the village with NFTs
  • Why we’re using Polygon blockchain
  • Setting up your wallet through Metamask

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