Our guest in this episode is Jim Rutt, a systems thinker, host of the Jim Rutt Show podcast, and former key player in several technology companies. He was also the Chairman of Santa Fe Institute, where he was working in the scientific study of consciousness and evolutionary artificial intelligence.

We had Jim as a guest on the show a year ago, where he did an introduction to the concept of GameB and talked about the history of the movement.

To give a brief description of GameB – if Game A is the current Western civilization status quo, then GameB is a new civilization-level social operating system that at least hundreds of millions of people can live in. It’s not something for just elites or outliers.

Game B is something that doesn’t yet exist – it’s what comes next. Some of the principles of GameB are that it is self-organizational (not top-down), network-oriented (not individualist), decentralized (not centralized), meta-stable (evolving but not volatile), oriented towards human flourishing, and towards the flourishing of non-human life as well.

Today we want to catch up with Jim about some of the ways that the concepts of GameB are being applied in practice. Earlier this year, he published a Medium article called A Journey to GameB, which lists lots of practical steps for transitioning into this new social operating system.

In This Episode of Future Thinkers:

  • The latest updates from the GameB movement and what ProtoB’s are
  • Why future societies must have families with small children at the core of their design
  • Minimum viable features of a ProtoB community
  • The ways in which ProtoB’s can fail and why failure needs to be built into the system
  • What tools are useful to improve current system and how liquid democracy works
  • Potential problems with liquid democracy
  • How current education, finances, health care and child care systems can be disrupted by GameB
  • How parenting based on GameB principles can look like
  • Which steps we can take to transition into a more GameB mindset
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