FTP128: Richard Perkins - Regenerative Revolution: How Permaculture Can Save Failing Food Systems

In this episode of our Regenerative Series, our guest is Richard Perkins – a farmer, educator and expert on regenerative agriculture. He is the co-owner of Ridgedale Permaculture, one of the few profitable Permaculture farms on the planet. Richard is dedicated to restoring ecosystems and educating people all around the world in profitable regenerative farming.

We talk about what permaculture is and how to get started with it, what sort of mindset we need to have when we deal with complex natural ecosystems, restoring rites of passage for young people, and how to apply ecological principles in business.

The beauty of regenerative farming is that we have all the solutions for cleaning air & water, and producing food - we just need a lot more people doing it. - Richard Perkins Click To Tweet

In This Episode of Future Thinkers:

  • Permaculture as an approach to farming, business and education
  • What it really means to look after yourself and be resilient
  • The Post-COVID resurgence of interest in localism and regenerative agriculture
  • Psychology and mindset behind regenerative agriculture
  • Restoring the healthy participation in complex natural processes
  • What kind of commitment and habits working on a farm requires
  • The problem with modern farming and how it is disconnected from ecosystems
  • The problem with the notion of sustainability and the exponential nature of biology
  • Ecological principles in business – taking care of your own needs while benefiting the whole
  • How the regenerative agriculture movement connects with the rites of passage
  • Why we need to connect with our archetypal nature

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