FTP096: The Shadow in Personal and Collective Consciousness

Mike and Euvie discuss the Jungian concept of The Shadow, and why it is relevant today as a framework for developing personal and collective consciousness.

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FTP095: Michael Taft – The Path of Self-Development and Spiritual Awakening

Michael Taft, a long-term meditation teacher, author, and founder of Deconstructing Yourself blog and podcast, discusses the stages of awakening path and benefits of meditation practice.

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FTP093, 094: Douglas Rushkoff – Why Humans Matter in a Future With Transhumanism

Media theorist Douglas Rushkoff discusses the untapped possibilities of digital technology to create a trully interconnected culture.

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FPT092: Rupert Sheldrake – Paradigm Shifts in Science and Consciousness

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake talks about morphic resonance, paradigm shifts in science, psy phenomena, consciousness and his new book Ways To Go Beyond.

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FTP090, 091: Joe Brewer – Rites of Passage For Cultural Evolution

Joe Brewer of the Center For Applied Cultural Evolution discusses evolutionary transition, modern rites of passage, and designing a regenerative culture.

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FTP089: Deconstructing Your Identity, And Why Do It

Mike and Euvie discuss why it's useful to deconstruct your identity and detach it from the categories of gender, class, culture etc, and how it can be done.

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FTP088: The Ancient Art of Adulting And Meta-Skills For The Future

Mike and Euvie are discussing the concept of "adulting", why it's relevant today, and why we need to develop meta-skills to adapt to the future.

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FTP087: The Memetic War And Collective Intelligence

Mike and Euvie discuss the emergence of collective intelligence, meme tribes, and the possibility of building an optimal omni-thrive collective system.

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FTP086: Alex Gladstein – Anti-Authoritarian Technologies and The Future of Governance

Alex Gladstein of Human Rights Foundation discusses the future of governance, internet and money, and the role of anti-authoritarian technologies in that future

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FTP084, 085: Kevin Kelly – What Technology Wants and Why We Need Humans in The Future

Kevin Kelly, the author of The Inevitable, talks about what technology wants, consciousness of AI, and why we should be optimistic about the future.

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