In this episode we are discussing the concept of “adulting” and why it’s relevant today. We also talk about how being an adult will change in the future and what meta-skills one needs to develop in order to adapt to the fast-changing world.

Adulting is an ironic term used by the Millenial generation to describe holding grown up responsibilities like paying the bills or taxes for example, but not feeling like an actual adult while doing that. We discuss why the adult “script” that was handed to us by the previous generations (go to school, get good grades, get a career for life, get married etc) doesn’t seem relevant or even possible for many young people today.

Instead of the specific skills that are taught in schools and tailored for the traditional script of adulthood, we are exploring meta-skills, or the general skills that one can apply to any area of life to learn other skills.

The meta-skill of seeing is looking at something without judgement and your preconceived notions, which is actually impossible to do in its purest sense. - @EuvieIvanova Click To Tweet

In This Episode of Future Thinkers:

  • Why Millenials don’t feel like adults today even if they are technically grown up
  • The differences in going through the stages of life between our parents’ and our generation
  • How the increasing social and technological complexity causes anxiety among young people
  • The history and reasons behind the “coddling” style of parenting in 1980s
  • The traits of today’s young generations that make them vulnerable to real life challenges
  • How to adapt to the present and future world and increase personal sovereignty
  • Three pillars of cognitive sovereignty
  • The examples of meta-skills that are useful for learning any other skill and adapting to changes
There are thousands of years of thoughts on virtue, that there are certain kinds of behaviors that actually make your life better and that are worth cultivating, like self-restraint and discipline. - @EuvieIvanova Click To Tweet

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