Today our guest is Kevin Kelly, the founding editor of Wired magazine, former publisher of the Whole Earth Review, and author of many books, including his latest one called “The Inevitable“, which forecasts the twelve technological forces that will shape the next thirty years.

This episode airs in two parts. In the first, we talk about what technology wants, the new sharing economy, and creating a smart environment.

In the second, we look at how artificial intelligence and artificial consciousness will shape the future of work and life, what will make humans uniquely useful in this scenario, and reasons to be optimistic for the future.

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In This Episode of Future Thinkers:

  • What technology wants: the biases of technium, or technology viewed as a whole system
  • Deep engagement with technology as the only way to become aware of its wants
  • Inevitable vs. unpredictable developments of technology
  • New sharing economy and the transition of value from owning to the benefit of access
  • Smart environment – the idea of superabundance or fulfilling all life needs on demand
  • Flattening of hierarchical structures and the cost of decentralization at scale
  • Why the idea of a global government meets resistance on both left and right side of political spectrum
  • Mobility as a universal human right and why next generation cities and states will compete for humans
  • How we can work together with different varieties of conscious AIs in the future
  • Asking good questions β€” a uniquely human trait that cannot be replicated by AIs
  • Possible future professions related to AI industry like AI curator or AI whisperer
  • Implications of AI safety movement and the inconsistent ethics of humans
  • Decentralizing manifestations of AR β€” mixed reality world
  • Censorship concerns in a post-ownership society
  • Why studying history can make us optimistic about the future
It’s this weird hybrid, between the most communistic thing and the most free radical libertarian idea. Where property is something nobody owns, but everybody is leasing all the time - @Kevin2Kelly Click To Tweet

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