In this episode we discuss further on one of our favorite topics – how to gain more sovereignty in modern world, as well as how it relates to the notion of personal identity. We use Jordan Greenhall’s framework to describe sovereignty as developing and practicing three basic capacities: perception, sense making and agency. We discuss these capacities in the context of dominant framework of secular thought in the Western world, the crisis of meaning, entrepreneurship, identity politics etc.

The ideas and inspiration for our discussions come from weekly group calls that are part of the course in personal evolution that we are currently facilitating.

In This Episode of Future Thinkers:

  • Where our need for having an authority and guidance through life comes from
  • Perception, sense-making and agency – unpacking the three basic capacities
  • How sense-making is easily corrupted by the overflow of information
  • Why is the secular meaning structure breaking down and how it effects people
  • Fear of uncertainty and no-self and how it relates to entrepreneurship
  • Fragmentation of self-expression and how labeling and attachment to certain identities can take away your freedom
  • How can you have sovereignty if you don’t have an identity?
  • Sovereignty as a continuous process and why it is useful in modern life
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Mentions And Resources:

There is a huge freedom in not having an identity, not being anyone for anybody, even for just a few moments. -@EuvieIvanova Click To Tweet

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