The last two feminine archetypes we are covering in this series are The Witch and The Queen.

The common association with The Witch is a wicked old woman that we see in many movies or stories for children. However, this interpretation has a lot of historical religious bias, which we deconstruct in this episode. We discuss The Witch in her fullest – as a powerful creative force and bringer of disruptive ideas.

We also talk about The Queen Archetype, a fully integrated combination of all the other feminine archetypes that can emerge when the woman matures.

At the end we propose a few exercises that can help you evoke different archetypes in your psyche or better understand other people’s behavior.

Understanding the archetypes can help us see our blind spots, refine our strengths, and ultimately bring about deep and profound personal transformation.

So with this episode we are finishing our Jungian archetype series, where we explored four masculine (Lover, Warrior, Magician, King) and five feminine archetypes (Mother, Amazon, Lover, Witch, Queen).

The witch brings forth ideas that disrupt the current values and order, which is one of the reasons the church feared her. - @EuvieIvanova Click To Tweet

In This Episode Of Future Thinkers:

  • The Witch – the seeker and bringer of deep and secret knowledge
  • Pagan origins of witches
  • Connection with the secret laws of nature, medicine and healing
  • Why the church was afraid of the witches and tortured them
  • Modern manifestations of The Witch archetype in arts, science and technology
  • Examples of women who embody this archetype
  • Childhood manifestations of the Witch archetype
  • The biggest vice of the shadow version of The Witch
  • The Manipulator and The Fool – the active and passive shadows of The Witch
  • Why it’s harder for women to integrate all the archetypes in modern society
  • The Queen – completing the sequential development of feminine archetypes
  • Practical questions and exercises to help you recognize and develop different archetypes

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