“Blockchain, as a whole, is one of the first technologies that is going to connect us, as a follow-up to the internet. We had the infrastructure to connect, now we need to have the logic. We need to have the mapping of how we’re all related, how we’re all valuable to each other.

I think for the first time as humanity, we can really start acting like a collective intelligence.

The main thing to grasp about the blockchain is that all of the previous technologies, like the printing press, the radio, and the internet, are basically replacements of the previous infrastructure to communicate on a large scale around the world.

And if you compare it in a body, it’s mostly the infrastructure that gets updated every couple of decades. So it’s like the blood vessels and the nerve system. But the brain and the logic, that is something that we as humanity kept private in organizations or within individuals. It’s not something we really shared.

Blockchain, if you compare it to the human body, is the first time that we get a collective brain, collective logic, and a collective memory of everything that happened.

And if we have a collective brain and collective logic and we start putting that to use, we can do even greater things than what we’re doing right now.

The cool thing about the blockchain is that every one of us, with just a couple of lines of code, can put something out there that can benefit all of us. And I think in the future when we start seeing the power of all of us just sending something out there, and it can impact us even after our lives, it’s going to do a lot of good in the world.”

–┬áVince Meens

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