FTP014: The Exponential Revolution: Are You Prepared?

People everywhere are waking up. Thanks to open information sharing via The Internet, more and more people are realizing that the entities that currently govern our world do not serve the majority.

The destruction of the environment, the bank bailouts, the corporate profiteering, the growing national debt of many countries, the governments and corporations spying on people – all of these are symptoms of a dying system.

Moreover, these governmental and corporate entities are not willing to adapt to the exponential growth of new platforms and technologies that will enable everyone’s access to information and to peer-to-peer trading of goods and services (just look at the resistance to companies like Uber). In the world of exponential change, linear systems like governments and traditional business simply cannot survive for much longer. A revolution is imminent.

In this episode, Mike and I talk about this coming revolution, the move to decentralized systems, and what we all need to do to prepare for this new world.

In this episode of The Future Thinkers Podcast:

  • Why we need to switch to decentralized systems
  • Becoming independent and anti-fragile
  • Focusing on solving the world’s problems
  • Weening ourselves from current systems
  • How exponential technologies will change the world
  • Near zero marginal cost society

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  1. Mark 3 years ago

    Companies build things. That’s what they do. It’s up to us to either buy, or not. I’m still using a couple years old Galaxy Note 2. It works just fine.

    Glad to have found your podcast. Been working my way through them. Thanks!

  2. sasuke2490 3 years ago

    We pay with our checks. As we start going digital banking like how you said bitcoin and cor cutting cable we start affecting their decisions.

  3. Lucas Moore 1 year ago

    I believe this was the podcast where platform technologies and having a disruptive agriculture technology was briefly touched upon. I was wondering if anyone might have resources about such things.

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