FTP013 - Us and Them: Can We Consciously Eliminate Our Own Biases and Discrimination?

“We are running on outdated software”, “operating cavemen brains in a technologically advanced society”.

For thousands of years, our environment changed very slowly. Parents and children had more or less the same lives. Now we live in a world of exponential technological chance. Borders are becoming blurry and social groups increasingly distributed. What was once an adaptive mental process that helped us make snap judgements and quick decisions is now considered a major detriment. Stereotyping, discrimination, out-group hostility.

We now have to consciously direct our own evolution to overcome these shortcomings and prepare ourselves for the ever-increasing pace of change.

In this episode of The Future Thinkers Podcast:

  • Why futurology needs to be concerned with the topic of human biases
  • The psychology behind in-group favoritism and out-group discrimination
  • How globalization and de-localization is affecting societies
  • What we can do about our own biases and stereotypes
  • Why we need a conscious evolution

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