FTP013: The Future of Conscious Evolution: Eliminating Discrimination

“We are running on outdated software”, “operating cavemen brains in a technologically advanced society”.

For thousands of years, our environment changed very slowly. Parents and children had more or less the same lives. Now we live in a world of exponential technological chance. Borders are becoming blurry and social groups increasingly distributed. What was once an adaptive mental process that helped us make snap judgements and quick decisions is now considered a major detriment. Stereotyping, discrimination, out-group hostility.

We now have to consciously direct our own evolution to overcome these shortcomings and prepare ourselves for the ever-increasing pace of change.

In this episode of The Future Thinkers Podcast:

  • Why futurology needs to be concerned with the topic of human biases
  • The psychology behind in-group favoritism and out-group discrimination
  • How globalization and de-localization is affecting societies
  • What we can do about our own biases and stereotypes
  • Why we need a conscious evolution

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  1. Dwayne Summerfield 2 years ago

    First, I want to say you are doing a stellar job and I really enjoy and look forward to your podcast. Very diverse and relevant.

    However, I do want to comment on entrepreneurs referring to them as “jobbers.” I too have a psychology degree, and understand and see biases in everyone including myself. Personally, I feel the term jobbers is very hypocritical. Those that use the term should be enlightened that if it were not for the jobbers they could not be entrepreneurs. Yes more and more jobs are being automated. And with the development and discovery of more advanced AI and robotics, the monotonous and labor intensive jobs are being taken care of by these entities. But today, unless you are living fully off the grid and self supporting, every entrepreneur is heavily dependent on jobbers – the food you eat, the clothing you wear, the electricity that powers your social media, and even the internet requires jobbers to keep us supplied. We are along way from automating enough to use a term such as jobbers in the derogatory sense it is being used. Even the internet requires jobbers. There is always a lot of talk about how “you can’t shut down the internet”; if every semiconductor manufacturer walked out on their job today, the internet would not last long – and the semiconductor industry is composed of thousands of companies employing hundreds of thousands of individual “jobbers” to provide the cell phones, computers, and internet backbone that the entrepreneur relies on. Long way from full automation.

    And when everything is automated or babysat by an AI, I am sure there are many folks that will still want to pursue a “jobber” occupation because that is what they want to do, not have to do.

    Again, excellent podcast, keep it up, lots of great food for thought here.

    – Dwayne

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