FTP044 - David Orban on Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century
David Orban

David Orban

David Orban is an entrepreneur, investor and a thought leader in disruptive technologies. He is a member of faculty & an advisor at the Singularity University and the founder & managing partner at Network Society Ventures which is an investment firm for disruptive startups.

Entrepreneurship in The Past vs. Present

Starting an enterprise in the past required taking huge risks and up-front costs. But with the rise of new technologies, the cost of entrepreneurship is decreasing. Whereas it previously took millions of dollars to build a company just to test your hypothesis, today it can be done almost for free. Online platforms and tools let us to test and discard ideas rapidly. And once we find something that works, we can scale it using variable cost services depending on our budget.

Entrepreneurship and Basic Income

Promising entrepreneurs can get their funding in a number of ways, from grants, contests, and fellowships to angel investors, venture capitalists and most recently, ICOs (initial coin offerings). For the entrepreneurs of the 21st century, the opportunities are many.

The question arising then is whether basic income can have a negative impact on entrepreneurship. To answer it, David Orban examines the motivations and drives of an entrepreneur.

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Entrepreneurship and The Network Society

The conversation with David Orban continues to the human need for problem-solving, and the unending stream of things to fix in the age of network societies. He talks about the importance of establishing a personalized information diet: reading books, aggregating ideas, asking the right questions, and predicting the future.

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In This Episode of Future Thinkers Podcast:

  • Entrepreneurship in the past vs. future
  • Artificial Intelligence and Big Data
  • Can basic income disrupt entrepreneurship?
  • Are entrepreneurs running out of things to do?
  • Aggregating ideas & predicting the future
  • Entrepreneurship in Decentralized Societies
  • A Personalized Information Diet
  • What gives David Orban optimism for the future?


“The important change in the 20th century was that risk-taking and exploring the applicability of ideas was no longer fatal.” – David Orban


“As we discover and apply new principles, new findings, but also engineer new products & services, we will be able to dream more just and more inclusive societies where individuals and groups have larger degrees of freedom to explore their possibilities.” – David Orban

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