In the last part of our interview with philosopher Ken Wilber, we discuss the potential flaws of Integral Theory and Integral movement, as well as the problem of charismatic leaders who have a lot of unchecked shadow material.

You can check all the earlier parts of the interview HERE or on our YouTube channel. For anyone just getting familiar with the work of Ken Wilber, we suggest starting with short videos to get a thorough introduction to Integral theory and all the other topics that we discussed in sizeable chunks.

In This Episode of Future Thinkers:

  • What are the potential flaws of the Integral Theory and Integral Movement
  • The problem with seeking “the ultimate truth”
  • How to approach cognitively developed people who haven’t done cleaning up and have a lot of shadow materials
  • Dominator hierarchies vs. growth hierarchies
  • The lack of teaching growing up and cleaning up in all major spiritual schools
The garden of Eden wasn’t a transpersonal state, it was a pre-personal state. - @TheKenWilber Click To Tweet

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