FTP010 - Shaping our own future with Nikola Danaylov from Singularity 1 on 1. Interview by Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova on Future Thinkers Podcast

The future is something that is often looked at in one of two ways. There are people who embrace it and look forward to the opportunities it presents. While there are others that wait in fear of what’s to come. To a certain extent, some of these fears are valid when we look at the negative effects that some technological advancements have brought upon society.

But there is another way to think of the future, and that is to become active participants in it. We don’t have to sit back and watch as the world changes and technology evolves around us. We have control over what the future is going to be; and can create it in a way that’s going to have a positive impact in all of us.

Nikola Danaylov on Future and Ethics

In this episode, we’re joined by Nikola Danaylov from the Singularity 1 on 1 Podcast and the Singularity Weblog. We talk about his vision for the future and how science, ethics and access to information play huge roles in it. We discuss several technologies that can have a positive snowball effect, and why they’re not getting the attention that they need – not just from investors, but from the world.

We also pick Nikola’s brain on his experience at The Singularity University, and talk about how formal education is not really a necessity in certain fields today. Finally, we talk about success and how failure is a huge component in it.


“If you lack a purpose or a meaning in your life, then you may embrace a extreme religion, you may embrace sort of a violent ideology, or you may just simply become a criminal.” – Nikola Danaylov

In this episode of The Future Thinkers Podcast

  • [02:30] – Becoming proactive in creating the future
  • [04:42] – Why ethics should play a role in scientific advancements and business actions
  • [09:19] – The chain effects of solving energy issues
  • [11:50] – Why many scientific projects lack investment and support
  • [17:24] – Nikola’s experiences in The Singularity University
  • [18:20] – Formal education vs. self education in the information age
  • [29:10] – The roles of failure and fear in achieving success

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