FTP035: Duncan Trussell – Manipulating Reality

We have talked about consciousness exploration several times on the podcast before. Meditation, psychedelics, and Eastern esoteric practices have all made it into our experimentations and discussions. This time, we get into something a bit more out there – manipulating reality.

Duncan Trussell on Magick & the Astral plane

In this episode, we continue talking to comedian and podcaster Duncan Trussell. Things get weird as we explore the astral realm and the kinds of crazy things that can happen when you go deep into consciousness exploration and reality manipulation. We all share stories that we and others have had through psychedelics, meditation, and magick practices. Duncan gives some warnings about entering the “Chapel Perilous” and suggest many useful resources for learning more about the practice & theory of magick. 

We talk about the various esoteric spiritual practices around the world, and why many practitioners chose to disappear from the world for a time to expand their consciousness. We discuss the role of karma when engaging in heavy spiritual practice, and the importance of loving yourself and others.

This episode is part 2 of our conversation. Listen to part 1 of the podcast with with Duncan Trussell.

Karma is a fish swimming in circles in a fishbowl, running into its own poop Click To Tweet

In This Episode of Future Thinkers Podcast:

  • The simulation theory and Maya illusion
  • LSD and DMT opening up different levels of perception
  • The archetypes and entities of the Astral realm
  • What is the Chapel Perilous?
  • The multiverse theory
  • The dangers of sorcery and magick
  • The importance of loving yourself and others


“You come back from a DMT trip and you’re not so sure you’re not living in a really convincing hologram” – Mike Gilliland, Future Thinkers

Mentions and Resources:

Other Mentions:

  • Neem Karoli Baba
  • Ram Dass
  • Jason Louv
  • Chapel Perilous
  • Renfeld the vampire slave

Recommended Books:

More From Future Thinkers:


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1 Comment
  1. JHanlon 3 months ago

    I hate to say it but: forget psychedelics, drugs & magic. (You’ve read Castaneda? No what’s that?) I have no experience of any of that stuff. When I want to, I see the engram stuff described in the beginning of the show wo drugs. Forget all the edgy “yeah like wow oh wow” talk associated with drugs. (The opposite of edgy) Including DSM talk ab’t delusion, paranoia & psychosis. My stupid instant karma has speeded up since 2002. I look at the world & “It” looks back. It’s the opposite of spiritual. The ppl of the world really are the same gestalt consciousness or organism with different faces & names. Way beyond “oh wow, looks like we’re all the same.” There is nothing abstract or spiritual about it.

    What does this podcast mean to me? It’s the cognitive dictatorship trying hard not to deflect & actually say something about what’s going on. Trying hard not to trade in the usual bitcoin bs currency where as soon as too much is said it becomes time to surround it with foo fighter “oh wow” which really doesn’t sound “cool” after awhile.

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