FTP035 - Duncan Trussell Pt 2 - Manipulating Reality
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Mike: I think you can keep going in that direction to from your talking about LSD in you come back from a DMT trip when you’re not so sure you’re not living in a really convincing hologram. [00:02:00]

Euvie: Simulation.

Duncan: The same thing that they say in Buddhism and Hinduism, Maya illusion. You guys know that term, Maya?

Mike: Yep.

Duncan: Personified illusion, not only is it a lie but it’s a living lie. Like it’s a lie that its nature trying to deceive you is that I love virtual reality because when you pull your virtual reality goggles off and go from the VR universe to the real universe. You’re like holy s**t man my senses really can be completely tricked. There is a kind of spiritual corollary [00:02:30] to that experience which is that you can remove the whatever the cognitive filters are that you wear what makes sense. I’ve heard from an evolutionary perspective it makes sense that any organism would only  process the data necessary to survive there all the spectrum of the different types of light we can see the sounds we can’t hear, the feelings [00:03:00] that we can’t feel even though they are buffeted by all of these phenomena that are sensory apparatus that allows the process. The reason that this is because it has nothing to do with our basic survival needs and to suddenly become aware of it is to reduce your chance of survival. You know, when I take mushrooms or any psychedelic in since I was a kid I will always see some version of elves I’ll see some kind of [00:03:30] elf, not like Christmas elves or whatever but for example lsd, if I’m looking concrete, not a small dose like a 100µg, 200µg dose of lsd. I will see weird runic writing everywhere, And then also what appears to be some kind of health way arcade drawings of elves and it’s like they’re basing those drawings on whatever this is and they seem to be alive but they seem to be existing on a different [00:04:00] layer of the Universe and they seem to be aware of us to some degree but somewhat unconcerned or annoyed sometimes or ignoring or they seem like nature too. They seem wild, they don’t they seem feral, right. Not in a crazy way like a dog, a mad dog. But innocent of like an indigenous and tribal. Those things are probably there you know, that the astral plane that you’re seeing. [00:04:30] But here’s the thing maybe for whatever reason we haven’t seen those things is because it doesn’t help us survive. It just complicates the situation. Like dealing with getting up in the morning and going to use the bathroom and need some food around or whatever order you do that in. It’s only complicated if on the way to the bathroom you’re seeing tribes of ancient hyper dimensional beings [00:05:00] watching you from the walls.

Mike: Yeah, I love the idea of simulation theory that we’re all living inside a big virtual reality game because it makes everything more interesting like you said concrete or when I take mushrooms the carpet and I think that is the base level of reality is that the deeper you look into things maybe the the algorithm creates more complex solutions to your questions.

Duncan: What do you think the algorithm is?

Mike: You know that game, No Man’s Sky? [00:05:30] They did a procedural generation world where you can explore 18 quintillion planets. You can go as deep as you want into it. I think that’s all the algorythm was meant to do is to be very convincing and to expand as our curiosity expands.

Duncan: But the question is who made the algorithm?

Mike: That’s a question I love too because it implies there’s meaning in the the events of your life and that maybe you can uncover meaning. I sometimes walk around and pretend like there is meaning in everything. [00:06:00] Someone trips on the street and I go OK what was the meaning of that person tripping in front of me to my life. It’s just a game I play but sometimes you can actually find little patterns in that and pull wisdom out of that. Euvie and I were at a coffee shop a few weeks ago with someone fell down the stairs few minutes later someone dropped a coffee mug somewhere and then a few minutes after that someone dropped another thing I was like Ok, Euvie pull your computer in, just like protect [00:06:30] your computer and within minutes after that someone spillt a full grande sized cup of coffee on Euvie’s keyboard.

Duncan: Woah.

Mike: I was like ok, maybe that’s a sign.

Duncan: So look what you did, not only did you like recognise a pattern but you were able to prognosticate it something else is going to happen and it happened so

Mike: Yes.

Duncan: Your hypothesis was right it just wasn’t good enough to know she should move the keyboard. You knew there was going to be some action because you were seeing a pattern that other people weren’t seeing [00:07:00]

Mike: Yeah. So after the guy spills the coffee over the laptop he offers to take us to an Apple repair store where we can get the computer looked at. So we travel there and we were a bit nervous and so is he because he’s he’s afraid he might have to pay all this money to repair the laptop. So we get to the apple repair store and it on trying to ease the tension as the computer is being taken apart and looked at so I asked him what do you do, what are you up to in Istanbul and it turns out he’s this robotics engineering student And he’s in Istanbul at the moment [00:07:30] to attend this Google conference for robotics and that’s this big competition that they have like battle robots going against each other so it seem like a really interesting thing. So he actually invited us to the event and I was thinking about we’re in Istanbul for a couple of weeks just you know waiting for my visa and it would be nice to have some friends and meet some people involved in tech, maybe meet some investors and since starting this incubator in Plovdiv it would be a cool thing to meet people involved in robotics, AI or whatever. This impulse [00:08:00] to ask him about his life for what he’s up to in Istanbul and the whole coffee spilling incident brought us unto this next step to meet someone involved in the robotics and tech scene. So it’s pretty cool. Turned out the laptop was totally cool, no problems whatsoever. Euvie’s just got a little bit of a sticky keyboard but you know it didn’t have any problems.

Duncan: I’ve read about this there is actually a form of you know like a bibliomancy you are you open the Bible or any other work with the dictionary whatever you have a question open the Bible open a dictionary whatever. [00:08:30] You point to you that’s the message that you’re supposed to get to know. I cant remember which book this was where I read this but you formulate a question, put yourself in a magical state which is what you’re talking about seeing the patterns is like bringing yourself into a magical state and then go to a cafe is actually what I read. Go to a place with the question in mind and sit in a listen to the people or [00:09:00] watch the people not as though they were individuals but they were so they were one organism.

Mike: Aha, have you read synchronicity by Kirby Surprise?

Duncan: No I have not.

Mike: I think they’ve got a story from that you you might really like that but actually but that he says the same thing. Go to a market.

Duncan: Maybe that was it, maybe that’s where I got it from because it was like an essay somebody emailed me so I could have easily been added it could have been out of there for sure.

Mike: The book is so cool. I like playing around with it and people get so sceptical [00:09:30] and like turned off by this but I think the more willing you are they just play with the idea you have to detach yourself to an actually believe that any of it but if you just open to the idea of everything having meaning every single event every colour, everything you look at smell, taste, touch, hear. There meaning in it. Then you can pull information from that and you can you can almost decide the meaning but much of that information can start to become useful and I’ve been playing with this concept for a couple of years now and it’s like it’s getting stronger [00:10:00] or that coffee shop incident is like a normal occurrence now. That’s weird man.

Duncan: Have you read Robert Anton Wilson?

Euvie: Not yet no but it’s been recommended to us.

Duncan: So there’s this idea of this thing called the chapel perilous, you guys heard of this?

Mike: No.

Duncan: So, in magical practices when you begin to get into it you know someone you should definitely have on your podcast is

Mike: -Jason Louv.

Duncan: Yeah! Exactly. He really understands it. When I talk about [00:10:30] it It’s like a murky memory but I can vaguely understand what they’re talking about this in my own dabbling in magic. And so the chapel perilous is basically what happens is when you begin to realise exactly what you’re talking about and there so many different ways to put it. We’re living in the mind of God or something or everything’s information and information can be not only apprehended in ways that most people are apprehending it but can also be manipulated [00:11:00] in ways the most people are manipulating it.

Mike: Yeah.

Duncan: You can begin to see new fields of data and then transform those fields of data using techniques that most people think are absolute b******* . But you will begin to witness actual profound changes in your own subjective universe from these techniques and then you, your life starts jumping timelines because whatever the timeline you [00:11:30] were on prior to recognising this data fields and manipulating them and that’s gone, you basically kill yourself because now you’ve jumped in a completely new version of reality where suddenly you’re with a person that you would never been with had you not shifted you’re thinking and this will bring you into the presence of either really good people are very dangerous people. Depending on what kind of magic you’re practicing, you know. Because some people are really into power. I was at this round as a treat [00:12:00] talking to someone who met Carlos Castinada. You guys know Carlos Castinada? The sorcerer?

Euvie: No.

Duncan: So it’s a great book. He studied under a, god I can’t remember the name of the religion where they take peyote but he studied under a sorcerer and he learned a lot of different, a lot of magic real magic. Just like Crawley and some of the rituals are really awful like sewing lizard eyes shut. [00:12:30]

Euvie: Jesus.

Duncan: Yeah, lots of…you know I was talking to my friend like this. I never liked those. Once i got to those parts in the books i just stopped reading because I cannot respect anyone It would do something like that that’s so f***** at meanwhile I’m super hipocrite because I eat meat. Different podcast. But the point is this guy and my friend I said to me know what that’s so f***** up like that what it where is compassion there and my friend said he’s not in the compassion, [00:13:00] sorcerers are in it for the power. They actually see compassion as a kind of low-level form of power but it’s not the power it’s not that it’s not it’s it’s kind of like a grade school stuff. Compassion sure yeah ok f****** cultivate your compassion, whatever. You go ahead and do that I’m travelling into the astral realm. I’m making people do things and they don’t realise it I’m making [00:13:30] s*** tons of money for myself and for my friends using magic and I don’t care about your compassion. Should I get you a blanket and maybe we got it in the end you find a nice the hill the sit down with your blanket Gandhi really that’s what you want compassion. So you run into those people and they’re real and then you can get into chapel perilous where suddenly you get sucked deeper and deeper into ever increasing realizations of the complexity of the astral realm. You can get lost in the [00:14:00] astral realm. You can basically go nuts which is why you hear this again and again when it comes to magic. Be very careful, be careful. When you reading his books you know from the greatest magicians, all of them have like some pretty intense warnings in there is it how to protect yourself, how to purify yourself. In my younger days my reaction was like whatever, thats just a  movie bulls***. I could sit [00:14:30] In my room and do a ritual where I tried to make some connection with some Anokian entities and I don’t really need to go through the several days of preparation that they recommend. I don’t really need to wear the clothes they recommend or do the particular drawings the right way that you put on your wall or burn the right kind of incense. I don’t really need to do that because this is actually a bunch of b******* it can’t really be real.  [00:15:00] Then you sit down and start doing it in the next thing you know you open yourself up to something that you’ve had no idea what it was like ordering plutonium through the mail


Duncan: And throwing away the manual. It’s like hey, when you’re handling this plutonium you should definitely be wearing some kind of, you should be behind several shields of led. You know but never got some b******* scientists nonsense you know. So that’s the chapel perilous you can get pulled into a thing that [00:15:30] is really fun at first but can become a little it’s like how much do you want the university wink at you, how much do you want in adversity to say hello. I’m not going to keep going on with this rant but I had a friend recently who had a rather profound psychedelic experience that was not pleasant at all. And he was running through the experience with me and in the beginning he said you know I ate the mushrooms and then I invited [00:16:00] the universe to come and tell me what the universe needed to tell me and then he went to like a bar or something and I’m like wait, you invited the universe to come and talk to you at a bar? Like really? You invoked the universe you’re only saying the universe, eating this is psilocybin, you had an intention of connecting to the intelligence of the univers to tell you something [00:16:30] and then you go to a bar. I didn’t say it like that, the message I was trying to put through but I’ve been doing the same thing. Guess what, sometimes the universe answers your invitation and when the universe comes to you, look at the universal Farm Chapter 7 of The Bhagavad Gita I think it’s Chapter 7 where Krishna reveals himself to Arjuna and Arjuna is describing Krishna. The saints throughout the universe are bowing down to you like praying, [00:17:00] an infinite number of arms and eyes and mouths and we know, the light emanating from you is brighter than a billion Suns and I see all humans being devoured in your mouth and this is the Oppenheimer quote but „Hello, I have become death, destroyer of worlds“ at the very end of that chapter Arjuna says to Krishna ( I’m definitely going to like abbreviate what he says but the essence of it is) [00:17:30] could you please go back to normal form Krishna, please.


Euvie: Normal form Krishna haha.

Mike: It’s like he’s staring at the The spinach and his teeth but it’s all the bodies of all the people that have ever lived.

Duncan: Exactly. So, So I can read that in The Bhagavad Gita and it’s cool like how he understands the vastness of the cosmology in what we call Hinduism. But in real life are you ready for that,  [00:18:00] are you ready to see that and to really see it? Not just to think man, can I really manipulate reality using my mind or is it possible that we exist in multiple timelines. Is it possible that we are existing in a multiverse and I can jump in the different multiverses just through intention moving closer and closer and closer to my divine self. Is it possible that my divine super evolved actualized self existing at some point in some future and some multiverse can send [00:18:30] signals back to me that I can follow in the direction of that thing. Is it possible that at some point in some future in some multiverse there is some awakened version of me that is the awakening version of all people that is calling out through all multiverses to bring those who can hear closer to it and we call that thing Gad when actually the closer you get to the thing the more you turn into it. Because it’s that powerful and if that is possible [00:19:00] are you ready for that? Your ego will be like f*** yeah I’m ready, that sounds awesome


Euvie: Or it will be horrified.

Duncan: Or horrified. And the horrified is better because the versus the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. I think you’re sending me set for that or if you want to put it in a sweet away if you read The Chronicles of Narnia, did you ever read those?

Mike: Yeah.

Duncan: Ok. Well, C.S. Lewis made this Jesus metaphor, Jesus analogy for [00:19:30] a lion. This lion Aslan is this wonderful being There is kind of like the Avatar that comes to balance things out of the peers and ontologies with one of the characters in the book when referring to Aslan this Christ symbol says he is not a tamed Lion. And in the same way this thing that we’re contacting in different ways thtough psychedelics or prayer, meditation, spiritual practice. It’s not tamed. it’s not safe [00:20:00] in the way that we think things are safe. It kills every second it, devours itself and it does it with zero problem. Wiping out your identity in this particular incarnation. It doesn’t care, it doesn’t care if you walk off a cliff, it doesn’t save. It’s like oh yeah do that experiment, let’s try that again walking off the cliff up didn’t work.

Euvie: Try again, new body, pop there you go.


Duncan: Yeah. [00:20:30] So that’s the chapel perilous. This is why I I love the teachings that were [inaudible] because it’s rather than being the complicated rituals of Aleister Crowley the lesser keys of Solomon in all the grimmoires and all the different magical systems that are so beautiful. But I’m just not wise enough for that, I’m not smart enough for that and not disciplined enough for that. No f****** way I can do that and if I do it I’d inevitably f*** myself up [00:21:00] which is why I really love this concept of love everyone and tell the truth. Come in the present moment and just be here with the intention of loving or work on yourself so you can help the people around you. That’s where I’m at right now. By the way old man warning secretly the guys Iike “Don’t do magic, it’s bad”. I didn’t mean it like that, it’s so fun, I’m just not good at it.

[laughter] [00:21:30]

Duncan: So fun. It’s such a weird thing this again yeah that’s great as long as you’re getting pulled into the Right Group you know just not getting white drawn in by people who have gotten really good at drawing and energy some people really good at drawing innogy whether it’s like the locker money success or other people and I don’t even know why they’re doing it I haven’t established [00:22:00] their intention with themselves to their attention is subconscious down on the Furious they doing it you know out of a kind of accidentally, they haven’t identified this like why do I do this? Why am I having this experience? Or who am I serving?  If you can identify who you’re serving, what you’re serving the algorithm if you want to call it that whatever it may be and you and you and you can begin to connect with that and allow that to be the center of your intentions [00:22:30] then everything will be great because then you just become a vehicle of the thing or an appendage of the thing.

Euvie: The concept of karma in this case is really useful for me because you can think about what kind of karma are you accumulating by doing this or that. I mean how much suffering are you going to cause yourself in the future if you do these things because you know in this life you might cause yourself a little bit of suffering but you know over time you’re going to cause your future self a lot more suffering.

Duncan: Yeah. That’s right. This is [00:23:00] from a podcast of Ron Doss and he was sitting with, I can’t remember these names are so difficult, policing when it is teacher is telling the story of getting really angry and the teacher said don’t worry Ron Doss, that’s just your karma running off like we get angry, when you start freaking out that’s old karma reaching some, you know that karma might be 10 seconds old, it might be 2 years old or a lifetime, whatever it is. [00:23:30] Another way I’ve heard it described It is a lot easier for me to understand is that it’s like a fish swimming in circles in a fishbowl running into its own poop


Duncan: That’s what karma is. Now i get to be around this shitty thing that I Created some time ago, like oh, you grew up fast, wow you’re just a tiny little bit of bad luck. Now you’re a big big big boy, you grew fast. [00:24:00] Well, instead of letting you trigger my procedure of habituation that is defined my entire life about another’s point maybe this time I won’t react in the way I did before  and then you can start cleaning it up a little bit for sure. But yeah I’m thinking about the karmic implications of your actions there is definitely a great thing to do especially when it comes to magic because it’s all, you know, imagine you did discover that as we’ve talked [00:24:30] about earlier that the universe is actively attempting to keep people asleep for whatever reason. Not even like some cabal of bankers but some fundamental aspect of the universes hypnotic in attempts to keep people in a state of never ending obituations that they never really wake up to their true identities. Well if that’s the case then you certainly do have a lot of power over people if you’re even slightly awake. I mean just literally waking up in a room [00:25:00] full of sleeping people. The kind of power you have over them is so extreme.

Euvie: All the d**** you can draw on their faces.

Duncan: Yeah, exactly or even worse. God forbid Bill Cosby should wake up in a room full of sleeping people.


Duncan: A dream for him, a true dream. But God forbid that should happen. So, in a same way If you begin the wake up to some of these things and you’re weak [00:25:30] and you don’t have great intentions you just want to be surrounded by, and you see this all the time like anytime you see someone who’s got an entourage. You’re witnessing a magician. They might not know but that’s what they are and you’re witnessing a magician that surrounds themselves with human energy and it’s kind of like vortex floating around them in the form of all their weird sycophantic friends. So it’s like when you ever you want to know if a person’s got a swarm of people around them, that’s a magician in the magician is used that magicians power to enslave or [00:26:00] to magnetize certain people around them. Which is why when you run into celebrity, big celebrities inevitably have entourages, any entourage. It’s so funny because the members of the entourage have personality characteristics identical to the sorcerer that they’ve been enslaved by because the sorcerers power is so intense that it actually is causing the identity of the people they brought into their gravity [00:26:30] to transform into their own identity. It’s so cool to see Nosferatu. This is a really obscure, obscure thing. Not a Nosferatu, a Renfield. Renfield the Vampire Slave. I can remember being in a comedy store. There’s comedy club and there is comedian who’s kind of obscure but kind of famous in the world, he worked for Richard Briers. His name’s Paul Mooney [00:27:00] and he is really funny but kind of one of these terrifying human who have no filter. So getting around a person like that if you’re leaking some b******* he’ll just tell you. Maybe something you’ve been trying to deny and he’ll just say it and it to your face forcing you to deal with it ultimately good, but in the moment painful. So there is a guy who is like basically is servant of the family that runs the comedy store, [00:27:30] you know any powerful family what are people who are awake by holding them who were kind of draining their power, maybe getting some bad energy back but this famous f****** guy is famous for his role with this like kind of comedy dynasty that was in the parking lot. Paul Mooney just looked over and look at you, you’re a Renfield. You know that don’t you, you’re a vampire [00:28:00] slave? Haha it was wild. He looks at the guys face like Oh no because it was true. That happens so waking up is a lot of responsibility goes into that because if you’re going to wake up and in use that get a bunch of sleepwalking people to start following you around then you’re f***** up. The people surrounding you should all be a SATs on the people who are trying to wake themselves up in each other.  [00:28:30]It shouldn’t be you and then a bunch of zombies that you’ve tricked into thinking you’re famous or whatever which is the arbitrary, absolutely ridiculous concept. Be careful. Be careful, if you’re going to f*****g do it so that we can all wake up and we can begin the ripples that are going to hopefully create a global civilization.

Euvie: Yeah we were just talking about this. We were making a [00:29:00] mind map of kind of our goals and then breaking it down into kind of human level goals and things in our lives that we should be doing. Not not to get into too much detail because I don’t think we should reveal those kinds of private goals, but one of the things that we wanted to help people wake up. Going back to the beginning of this conversation and there’s just you know the information is out there people just aren’t looking at it so even on that basic human level just getting people to be more aware and look at reality [00:29:30] without this kind of blurry filter that they normally have.

Duncan: Yes, and to show them the highest technology because the highest technologies is not computers, the highest technology is love. That is the highest tech that is always cutting edge it will never stop being cutting edge it is the most cutting edge technology on planet Earth and to cultivate that and to get around people and love them. Not try to change them but to love them were they’re at good luck. But if you could do that, [00:30:00] there’s people who have done that with me. There’s people who have cultivated that energy That’s where the transformation happens, that’s where the waking up happens. Does the waking up happen by showing people a look at this f****** Isis video. No that’s not going to wake people up to make people want to go back to sleep if they were awake. It made me like f*** this man, I’m just dont want to look at anything again that has something to do with the news. [00:30:30] But if you come to someone that you don’t know and you’ve cultivated your ability or abilities. So Nim Crawley Baba, Ron Doss’s guru is telepathic. There is countless stories of him reading people’s minds. It’s called seeing into what they are and telling them things that they’ve never told anyone. So, he had cultivated over the many years prior to him becoming this awaken  being. He was a sadhu a wandering aesthetic, [00:31:00]  but he also had a family. Very few people know who he was. His name, Nim Crawley Baba. Nim Crawley was a  train station.They used  to call him  the train baba because he was on a train, I get these stories, I blur them up but he was like sitting on a train and he didn’t have a ticket. And they made him get off the train. He got off the train and the train wouldn’t go. And then they invited him back on the train and it went. So, [00:31:30]  no one really knows his story necessarily but you can be certain, and this is what’s really interesting about him and all the other you know „teachers“ is they are in Crawley and Lebur four talks about this an introduction definitely get me before you guys have a copy of Lebur four?

Mike: No.

Duncan: Ok. Get a copy of that. L-I-B-E-R  four(4). In the introduction of that Crawley talks about the the way that did people disappear for awhile. Muhammad goes into the cave. Jesus [00:32:00]  I do not know the first 30 years is life. Buddha goes into the forest. All the stories share that same component of going somewhere kind of vanishing from the world for a little while so you can speculate on what they were doing during that time period. Probably they were doing what you guys are doing right now, they were begining to expand their consciousness, Any beginning to you figure out had a like do some of the tricks that we have heard great sources are capable doing. So Nim Crawley Baba definitely [00:32:30]  achieved some state of being able to look into a person fully and see all the stuff in there. The next thing he did, now if you could just do that and there’s many people who can do that if you could just do that you would be a great salesperson you would be able to sell a lot of f****** mattresses, cars nuclear weapons, you will be able to really make a lot of money in the world by reading people completely seeing them see what they are you could really [00:33:00]  f*** with people if that was the only thing that you could do but what he added to it and what the awakened beings seem to do along with this ability is they look into that part of the person that the person doesn’t want to show anyone and they love it they don’t love it ambigously, they love it completely, they love it with everything inside of them personally. Not like i just love everything but like I see into you, [00:33:30]  I see that thing that you did that hurt that person so much and you know you hurt them and you feel so horrible about that but I love you still. I love the person you were when you did that. I were the person you were before you did that and I love you now completely and it’s not phoney, it’s real. If you could do those two things if you could master those two powers that every single human that you got around will at least temporarily wake up, they would [00:34:00]  wake up and they would feel what is real. The only thing that’s real which is love. Those are the two if I could choose he magical powers does will be there to that I would want to be able that and the third would be invisibility.


Euvie: The thing about love that you’re talking about that, that is the method of enlightenment through the Indian tradition the guru loves the student completely [00:34:30]  with all of their flaws and all they’re horrible thoughts and things that they’ve done and through that loves the student is able to awaken. That is exactly the technology.

Duncan: That’s it.

Euvie: Yeah.

Mike: You know when you walk down the street you just think straight s*** about people like oh look that guy looks stupid or whatever.

Duncan: Oh my god, I’m so bad about that s*** . Do you guys play World of Warcraft?

Mike: No, I played Minecraft.

Duncan: Ok, well that’s cool. But World of Warcraft is a pretty awesome game [00:35:00]  and there is like online role playing game and people are divided up between the Alliance and the Horde. It’s ridiculous but I met someone who is like an alliance player and this is how bad it is for me. I heard that and I’m like in the back of my head for a second – what a d**k. Why would you do that, why would you play like that?


Duncan: This is terrible. This is the uncultivated – this is what happens if you let your mind run around without teaching or training it all [00:35:30]  you will definitely thinks things like that. You’ll walk down the street in the mind of judgement will do that but then the other thing they say is well yeah that reason your other reason you’re doing that is you don’t love yourself, really.  First you start with yourself, right. Turn the view upon yourself. See if you can love yourself. See if you can love yourself not like that way of like you read an inspirational literature or whatever. Sit in front of the mirror and say I love you, you’re wonderful you’re worthy, you deserve love, [00:36:00]  you deserve peace. No, really love yourself. Can you do it? Why not? Once you start trying to love yourself and you realise you can’t do it then that creates a series of inquiries. The first thing being why can’t I love myself? Then whatever the answer to that question is, that will lead you into the direction where you need to go. Then Theoretically after you achieved some state of really loving yourself through the practice. All theory from me friends. Theoretically you would kind of instinctually do that [00:36:30]  around people who you ran into on the street. I guess I will not say it’s theoretical only because I’ve been around. I’ve  interviewed some people who have had a lifetime practice and that’s what they do. I’ve seen it first hand, I just can’t do it.

Euvie: Yeah. I think you have to accept yourself first before you can love yourself and that requires looking into your deepest darkest s*** in your mind and digging it up and looking it square in the face and accepting it. [00:37:00]  That yes, this is part of the human experience. This are the things that i’ve thought and these are the things that I’ve done and I accept them. I haven’t done that many horrible things to have to face that kind of stuff but In the last month I’ve discovered just all the stuff that was stuck in my unconscious that I wasn’t dealing with end until I was able to look at it in deal with it I wasn’t able to love myself.

Duncan: It’s crazy right? That stuff that you just forget about. I was [00:37:30]  floating in a, I had a float tank in my house once and I would go into it all the time. I was floating in it and all of a sudden I would start having these vivid memories of things I completely forgot and I can remember like feeling that you’re being shown it’s not like you’re like summoning it is showing you this . When I was like 11, 13 -young kid I had this vivid recollection of me being a bully [00:38:00]  to someone. Completely forgot about it, but there it was like it never went anywhere, like it happened yesterday. God isn’t that scary. Every moment of bluntness, every moment of mild rudeness, this is is actually something someone told me who works at a hospice who has died. Had the experience of going someplace were being told no you’re not going to die yet,  go back and work, you’re not off work yet. That’s the funny thing about death experiences [00:38:30]  when people talk about it a lot of them like I don’t want to come back, they make you come back here. Like in a way when you were a kind and you didn’t get a hall pass to go and use the bathroom. No, no, no, no, no. You go back into the classroom. You didn’t learn yet. So, in that same what he said that with the experience of dying when I talk about the life of you is not that you see it like you’re watching a movie but you view you experienced it again [00:39:00]  with the addition of that you feel what you made all the people around you feel.

Euvie: Yes.

Duncan: God that sucks man. I’ve been doing comedy for like seventeen years Indefinitely the first 10 years had a sack so I’m going to go through like at least 10 years of like feeling like a poor dog.


Mike: The more people you get in front of don’t become a celebrity early, you’re f****d. [00:39:30] [laughter]

Duncan: But you know what? Maybe at the time of death of achieve this thing that you’re talking about self acceptance and some subsequent self love  then when I love that runs through you you can love it just like you were loving yourself when you were in the human incarnation. That’s maybe why the practice is so important so that when that life review comes, did you know what, maybe the person who does the life review, the judger. [00:40:00]  You know there’s talk about them at the gates of Heaven, the entity that determines where you go maybe that’s the crazy thing is that it’s just yourself who decides by gazing upon what you did, you know what you didn’t pass. You’re the professor and the student. You didn’t pass the class this time. Let’s do it again, let’s keep doing it till we pass but keep doing. I don’t know. Let’s hope that it is and not some oblivion even though oblivion can [00:40:30]  be be cool too. S**t guys I’ve got to move. It’s eleven thirty, i’ve got to get back to work. I’ve got so much to do today.

Mike: No worries man that was a lot of fun.

Duncan: You guys are awesome, it was so fun talking to you. I don’t want it to end.

Euvie: Well let’s do it again!

Duncan: Let’s do it again. For sure let’s do it again you guys are awesome.


Euvie: So much fun. Ok bye!

Mike: Bye!

We have talked about consciousness exploration several times on the podcast before. Meditation, psychedelics, and Eastern esoteric practices have all made it into our experimentations and discussions. This time, we get into something a bit more out there – manipulating reality.

Duncan Trussell on Magick & the Astral plane

In this episode, we continue talking to comedian and podcaster Duncan Trussell. Things get weird as we explore the astral realm and the kinds of crazy things that can happen when you go deep into consciousness exploration and reality manipulation. We all share stories that we and others have had through psychedelics, meditation, and magick practices. Duncan gives some warnings about entering the “Chapel Perilous” and suggest many useful resources for learning more about the practice & theory of magick. 

We talk about the various esoteric spiritual practices around the world, and why many practitioners chose to disappear from the world for a time to expand their consciousness. We discuss the role of karma when engaging in heavy spiritual practice, and the importance of loving yourself and others.

This episode is part 2 of our conversation. Listen to part 1 of the podcast with with Duncan Trussell.

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In This Episode of Future Thinkers Podcast:

  • The simulation theory and Maya illusion
  • LSD and DMT opening up different levels of perception
  • The archetypes and entities of the Astral realm
  • What is the Chapel Perilous?
  • The multiverse theory
  • The dangers of sorcery and magick
  • The importance of loving yourself and others


“You come back from a DMT trip and you’re not so sure you’re not living in a really convincing hologram” – Mike Gilliland, Future Thinkers

Mentions and Resources:

Other Mentions:

  • Neem Karoli Baba
  • Ram Dass
  • Jason Louv
  • Chapel Perilous
  • Renfeld the vampire slave

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