FTP034: Duncan Trussell – Apocalypse and Cognitive Vertigo of Reality

Note: This episode includes descriptions of extreme violence, NSFW

The collective agreement, at least in Western media, seems to be that 2016 was a bad year. Unprecedented climate change, technological unemployment, the rise of increasingly totalitarian governments & leaders like Donald Trump and Teresa May, the nearly daily terrorist attacks all over the world, the massacre of Aleppo in Syria… It can feel like the world is going into an apocalypse.

Duncan Trussell Gets Apocalyptic

In this episode, we talk to comedian and podcaster Duncan Trussell. We start off talking about climate change and the effects it’s having on people’s everyday lives already.

The conversation then goes to the political situation in Turkey and Syria is being portrayed in the media, and how the situation is often a lot less black and white. We also discuss the existential threat of terrorism in the current world versus the technologically advanced future.

Later in the episode, we get into some conspiracy theory and talk about propaganda, and how psychedelics and other consciousness exploration activities can lift the veil of the Maya illusion.

This episode is part 1 of the 2-part conversation. Part 2 gets weirder – we talk about magick and the astral dimension!

If you take LSD and watch the news, a weird window opens up & you see unfiltered reality Click To Tweet


In This Episode of Future Thinkers Podcast

  • Climate change and its effects
  • Living in the beginning of the apocalypse
  • The importance of looking at what is true & real
  • Is terrorism a major existential threat to humanity, and what to do about it?
  • Why people in the West need to be more resilient
  • The role of people like Edward Snowden and Julian Assange
  • The dome of propaganda and peeking behind it
  • The simulation hypothesis and Maya illusion



“If you take LSD and watch the news, any conditioning that’s been planted inside of you by corporations or states or whatever, it doesn’t work for a second. A weird window opens up and you see unfiltered reality.” – Duncan Trussell

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  1. John 1 year ago

    Banger. Duncan nails it as usual. Perfectly explicates the nuanced existential crisis I was going through today. Good to find out about your podcast, I subscribed,
    P.S. your mobile site layout is a little cluttered/confusing :P

    • Euvie Ivanova 1 year ago

      Thanks, John! What about the mobile layout is confusing? We just tweaked it a bit to be cleaner; always welcome feedback.

  2. gregpursley1 1 year ago

    We are “trained” to believe that “those people” (whether ISIS or whoever) are doing the horrible, insane things they do based on their religious beliefs, and yet what if the leaders of these people and worst offenders are really people who have been trained (or controlled) by the same forces who want to keep us fearing and hating each other, the same forces behind all evil. We fail to look behind the scenes and realize that we are all being manipulated. Instead of looking at the “superficial” identity, we need to look at the control forces behind them. By now we should be aware that the CIA is responsible for training and equipping and controlling some of the worst evil we have seen on this planet and using misdirection to keep us all fighting each other instead of looking behind the curtain. We created ISIS so if what they are doing is evil then look at who controls them.

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