Mike Gilliland and Euvie Ivanova talk about Minecraft, virtual reality, the simulation hypothesis, Oculus Rift, Alex Wissner-Gross and the equation for intelligence in this episode of The Future Thinkers Podcast.

When you start questioning the nature of human experience – how or why we perceive things the way we do, – very quickly, what we think of reality begins to unravel. You realize that most of “reality” is constructed in our minds. Our brains are always being selective about what they focus on and what they ignore completely, meaning that we can disregard a huge amount of information. And vice versa, our brains are filling in the blanks in order to make sense of what’s happening.

There is an interesting awareness test video on Youtube. Can you count how many times the team in white passes the ball?

Virtual Reality and the Simulation Hypothesis

So how does all this relate to virtual reality? Well, if you consider how selective our brains are with information, and how many mental shortcuts they take, it’s really not that hard to fool us. So creating an immersive, totally believable virtual reality isn’t that far fetched of an idea. Going further, there are philosophers living today that argue that we may already be living in a virtual or simulated reality. These are some of the things we talk about in this episode.

In this episode of the Future Thinkers Podcast:

  • What you can learn from Minecraft
  • How easy will it be to create a believable virtual reality?
  • Why what we think of as “reality” is not all that real
  • Is there an equation for intelligence?
  • Could we be living in a simulated reality?

Mentions & Resources:

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Question of the episode:

Do you think it is possible to create a completely believable virtual reality? Why or why not? Answer in the comments below.

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  1. James 10 years ago

    I understand that we perceive very little of what we are presented with. The problem is deciding what to present. There are times that I play minecraft for hours with total immersion even just on a monitor. But then something little happens that completely shatters the immersion. Immersion is good enough now to keep people entertained for hours, and it will keep getting better. But it will be a long time before it is a substitute for reality. I think it will concise roughly with the singularity.


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