FTP015: Zoltan Istvan - The Future of Politics and Transhumanism

Zoltan Istvan has a colorful life story. He worked as a war zone journalist with National Geographic, he sailed the world by himself, he wrote a controversial best-selling novel called The Transhumanist Wager, and now writes columns for Vice, Huffington Post, and Psychology Today. Now, Zoltan is running for US president in the 2016 election with his Transhumanist Party.

In this episode, we talk to Zoltan Istvan about his background, how he became a transhumanist, and why he decided to run in the US presidential election. We also discuss life extension and other future technologies, and how they will affect our society and politics. Finally, we talk about centralized and decentralized systems, and debate whether we need a top-down political system in a pre-singularity society.

In this episode of The Future Thinkers Podcast:

  • How will transhumanism and future technologies change politics?
  • The possibility of virtual states or a global political system
  • The value in psychedelic experiences for personal growth
  • Zoltan’s opinions on the war on drugs
  • Life extension and its benefits and problems
  • The possibility of a direct or liquid democracy
  • Revolution vs. Slow gradual change
  • The impact of Bitcoin and other decentralized systems

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